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Our Culture

What makes VGM Forbin a cool place to work? Is it our open space office complete with a turntable, four-square court and whiteboards? Or the amazing people who call themselves Forbinites? What about events like our annual Halloween celebration? Or perhaps it’s the numerous awards for our work. The truth is, it’s all of these things (plus tons of coffee).

Our Space

Creative work calls for a work environment that allows the creative juices to flow. Our open space design empowers us to take each project by the horns, plan and execute to perfection. We can schedule a client meeting in “The Greenhouse” or sketch out a project on the numerous whiteboard walls. And when we need a little relaxation, we can hit the workout area or ping pong table to recharge.

Our People

Print media. Art. Business. Zoology. These are just a few the areas of study our team members have degrees in. But we are more than what is on our résumés. We’re passionate about user experience, content strategy, responsive design and easy-to-use systems; we’re also fanatical about our hobbies, which more often than make their way into the office (potlucks, anyone?).


There’s no such thing as a simple event at Forbin. Potlucks highlight the cooking (and shopping) skills of our team. Halloween is hands down our favorite, as we’re consistently tops in the VGM Group Halloween contest. We’re also big on unofficial events like backyard BBQs and team birthdays. When you work with awesome people, every occasion is a reason to celebrate.


We would be lying if we said we didn’t care about awards; however, they aren’t out driving obsession. We have been honored for our work over the years for creating websites and other solutions that meet our customers’ needs and are easy for them to use. It’s just further validation that our culture and environment produce great results.

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