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  • Meet Mike Mallaro
    Mike Mallaro
    CEO of VGM Group, Inc.
  • Jeremy Kauten
    Jeremy Kauten
    CIO of VGM Group, Inc.
  • Rob Duryea
    Rob Duryea
    President of VGM Forbin
  • John Unsen
    John Unsen
    Director of Operations
  • Christina Throndson
    Christina Throndson
    Director Of Business Development
  • Gina Fangman
    Gina Fangman
    Office Manager
  • Beth Streicher
    Beth Streicher
    Administrative & Marketing Assistant
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  • Will Cousin
    Will Cousin
    Sales Manager
  • Donny Wilson
    Donny Wilson
    Sales Manager
  • Jane Gordan
    Jane Gordon
    Sr. Account Executive
  • Carrie Fitzgerald
    Carrie Fitzgerald
  • Drew Kahler
    Drew Kahler
  • Nick Cleveland
    Nick Cleveland
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  • Loni Meier
    Loni Meier
    Project Manager
  • Neal Price
    Neal Price
    Client Success / Process Lead
  • Shannon Kazynski
    Shannon Kazynski
    Client Success / Process Lead
  • Jessica Benjamin
    Jessica Benjamin
    Client Success
  • Matt Tison
    Training Specialist
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  • Cassi Price
    Cassi Price
    Manager of Marketing Strategy
  • Matt Cunard
    Matt Cunard
    Sr. Digital Marketer
  • Steve Eilers
    Steven Eilers
    Web Marketing Specialist
  • Katie Hansen
    Katie Hansen
    Web Marketing Specialist
  • Al Strain
    Al Strain
    Web Marketing Specialist
  • Laura Smith
    Laura Smith
    Web Marketing Specialist
  • Alex Nicoll
    Web Marketing Specialist
  • Eric Geistkemper
    Eric Geistkemper
    Product Copywriter/Data Analyst
  • I really like the fact that we can put video, featured products and a picture that defines us on the home page. We’ve had a lot of positive feedback so far.”

    Jim Greatorex, President, Black Bear Medical www.blackbearmedical.com
  • Mark Wubbena
    Mark Wubbena
    Manager of Design Services
  • Kyle Kramer
    Kyle Kramer
    Sr. UI Developer
  • Nathan Hemesath
    Nathan Hemesath
    UI Developer
  • Andrew Elthon
    Andrew Elthon
    UX Designer
  • Nathan Hauser
    Nathan Hauser
    UX Designer
  • Andy Hudson
    Andy Hudson
    UX Designer
  • Cheryl Kalina
    Cheryl Kalina
    UX Designer
  • Bradley Kennedy
    Bradley Kennedy
    UX Designer
  • Britany Miller
    Britany Miller
    UX Designer
  • Haylee Westendorf
    Social Media Designer
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  • Matthew Kauten
    Matt Kauten
    Manager of Programming
  • Josh Carroll
    Josh Carroll
    Programming Coordinator
  • Mike Kirkpatrick
    Mike Kirkpatrick
    Web Programmer
  • Jamie Dewitz
    Jamie Dewitz
    Web Programmer
  • Justin Berning
    Justin Berning
    Web Programmer
  • Josh Tanberg
    Josh Tanberg
    Web Programmer
  • Erik Hanson
    Erik Hanson
    Web Programmer
  • John Friel
    John Friel
    Programmer / DB Administrator
  • Dave Wirth
    Dave Wirth
    Technology Analyst
  • Philipp Hoeltermann
    Philipp Hoeltermann
    Security Analyst / QA
  • Bob Fisher
    Bob Fisher
  • Michael Cormaney
    Network Administrator
  • Mike Schmidt
    Mike Schmidt
    IT Support
  • Glen Rocca
    Glen Rocca
    IT Support
  • Austin Davis
    Austin Davis
    IT Support
  • Justin Wheelock
    Justin Wheelock
    IT Support

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