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Internet Access

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Our dial-up service is faster and more dependable than any other provider in the area. Our modem/user ratio is the lowest you will find, which means virtually no busy signals. All of our V.90 digital modems are located within our impressive Network Operation Center in Waterloo, Iowa. Give us a try and experience the difference.

  • Plan A

    4 Email Accounts 10MB Non-Commercial Web Space Unlimited. Usage Time Monthly $19.95 ($15.00 setup fee) 3 Month $59.85 (No setup fee) 6 Month $113.71 (5% discount) 12 Month $215.46 (10% discount) Sign Up Today
  • Plan B

    1 Email Account 150 hrs/mo. with 4hr disconnects* 6 Month $75.00 (required min.) 12 Month $135.00 (10% discount) Sign Up Today
  • Plan C

    1 Email Account 30 hrs/mo. with 4hr disconnects* 6 Month $59.70 (required min.) 12 Month $107.46 (10% discount) Sign Up Today

High Speed Wireless

Forbin offers a fast, reliable, and easy-to-use Internet service for your home or business. This system is wireless and only requires the installation of an outside antenna and a transmitter/receiver card that fits inside your home computer.

Service Highlights

  • No need for extra phone line
  • Up to 30 times faster than dial-up
  • FREE email accounts
  • Forbin "Help Desk" Support

For more information call 319-274-4430. Click here for Residential Pricing.


Point-to-Point (P2P) or Frame Relay connections to the Internet offer your business around the clock connection. Speeds from 768K to a full T1 are available.

Service Highlights

  • Speeds from 768K to T1
  • Unlimited Internet Access
  • FREE email accounts
  • Forbin "Help Desk" support

Router - CSU/DSU quotes available. For more information or a price quote call 319-274-4430.

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