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ArchiveOctober 2017

  • October 31, 2017

    Category: Healthcare

    By Rob Duryea, President It’s one week post-Medtrade and my mind is still reeling from the amazing provider interactions, engaged exhibit time, presentation pressures and exposure to new technologies. It couldn’t be farther from the first Medtrade I attended – Medtrade Spring 2016. During Medtrade Spring 2016, I felt pain and frustration from the attendees. Many hadn’t fully accepted the changes happening in the industry and weren’t sure where to turn for

    Tags: medtrade, rob duryea

  • October 31, 2017

    Categories: Custom and Specialty, Custom Case Study

    The Best Web Solutions on Tap: Happy's Site Launch Overview: Defining the Problem Happy’s Wine & Spirits came to VGM Forbin for a new website solution to help them cultivate more business in the Cedar Valley. After a discussion with the client, Forbin began to develop of new site to showcase the products and services that sets Happy’s apart from its competitors, including boutique wines and specialty craft beers.   VGM FORBIN can find a web solution unique to your business.

    Tags: custom specialty, Custom Web Solution, Happys, site development, Site Launch, web solution

  • October 30, 2017

    Category: Forbin Culture

    She's a loving dachshund dog mom, devoted vegetarian, & one of our rock star interns! She's JADE MANNING! Jade has been with our team for over 6 months now, and she has become a go-to member of our programming team, working on anything from BankWeb™ programming updates, WCAG compliance, Google Analytics setups and more! We sat down with Jade and asked a few questions about her internship with VGM Forbin, experiences and influences, plus a few quirky questions, just

    Tags: Culture, Forbin Famous, Intern, Intern Spotlight, VGM Forbin Intern

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