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  • May 16, 2017

    Categories: Digital Marketing, Healthcare, Online Marketing

    By Cassi Price, Manager of Marketing Strategy Do you remember a time when we didn’t have all the answers right at our fingertips? What year did this song come out? When is the Memorial Day parade? Where is that new greenhouse located? How can I stop my husband’s snoring?  Back in the day, we had to phone a friend, look at the newspaper or go to the library to find the answers. But today, the solution to the majority of our inquiries rests comfortably in the palm of our

    Tags: micro-moments

  • May 11, 2017

    Categories: Digital Marketing, Financial

    Katie Hansen – VGM Forbin, Web Marketing Specialist If you had to choose your largest issue as a financial marketer, I bet it would have something to do with measurement. Whether it’s a bank president who wants to know how many conversions you’ve achieved, or one of your local customers who asks why more people don’t like your Facebook page; measuring the progress of your marketing initiatives is a never-ending process. Today, I am happy to share HOW you can measure these

    Tags: Banking, Financial, KPI, marketing, Measurement

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