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A lead that is both engaged and qualified isn’t easy to come by, but with VGM Forbin’s Spotlight Campaign Package, you’ll get just that.

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Our Spotlight Campaign Package includes up to three product-focused landing pages crafted by our team of dedicated user experience designers. Each landing page includes content that is tailored to your product and specific to your business. Google search and display network ads drive traffic to each of your landing pages over the course of three months. Our ads have seen up to 521,000 impressions!

Spotlight Campaign Package can deliver over 25 conversions per month!


Why Can’t I Just Send Traffic to My Website?

A landing page is focused on a single objective. Your website holds links and messages that act as a distraction from your call-to-action. The abundance of visuals and content on your website dilutes the urgency and necessity to act that a landing page creates.

1. A landing page is a really easy way to generate leads fast!

When you send a visitor to your homepage from an ad, you risk losing that lead. Users were engaged by your ad but now will spend a short amount of time browsing your site, then move on and forget about your message. When you send users to a landing page, they only have one option – convert. On average, Spotlight Campaigns generate 837 clicks throughout the duration of the campaign.

2. A landing page gives you access to contact information.

If your content sways them, your landing page visitors will want your offer. They’ll submit their contact information in order to get the deal or to request more information. Think of a landing page as another lead collections tool!

3. It gives the ability to determine visitor demographic information.

Your lead form has the potential to generate an abundance of new information about your target audience such as company, email address and location. Our Spotlight Campaigns can generate 50 or more hard leads over the course of six months. 

I Want Leads Too!

4. Understand which visitors are most engaged.

With proper analytics and tracking, you can see how engaged visitors are. Learn why they leave your landing page, what they clicked on and even how far they read.

5. Earn insight into the effectiveness of your marketing efforts.

Testing landing pages allows you to track how one compares to another. Test button color, size, placement and layout as well as copy messaging. Seeing what worked and what didn’t allows you to see what type of visitor went to each page so you can optimize for the type of lead you want.

Help your business finish 2017 with a BANG and bring in 2018 with a BOOM with a Spotlight Campaign Package from VGM Forbin.

Our proven plan provides your business with all the tools needed to earn online marketing success.

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