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By Steven Eilers, Forbin Web Marketing Specialist   What if you were going about your website all wrong? What if what YOU thought was important really wasn’t important to your customers?   It happens and we’ve all seen it: websites that are a shrine to themselves. Page after online page of information about themselves, where they started, the awards they’ve won, a picture of the owner’s kids or pets…. but what about the customer?   According to a HubSpot Blogs titled “What Do 76% of Consumers Want From Your Website?”, 76% of the customers want “the website that makes it easy for me to find what I want.”  Notice the part that says “easy for me to find what I want.” Notice the use of “me” and “I” in that short sentence. It doesn’t say “enough about me, let’s talk about you,” their focus is on themselves and their needs. They are the ones looking for help, answers, a service or product. They are the ones keeping you in business. Their needs have to come first, every time, always.   In 2015, searches on mobile digital media (Smartphones) overtook online searches on tradition desktop computers for the first time ever, and that trend will only get bigger.  But even with today’s bigger phone screens, your customers and potential customers are still viewing your business on a very small screen. They are viewing it as they talk to other people, make dinner, relax in the recliner, wait for the kids at practice, and yes, unfortunately at stop lights (which we strongly discourage). Are these people really going to take the time to read about you or are they going to want to get in, get out and get back to their busy lives?  76% percent (and probably more now) say the latter. Is your website giving them what they are looking for?   VGM Forbin has been creating websites and online marketing solutions for over 20 years.  As we create the websites, we watch trends, listen to what providers and consumers are saying, and incorporate the latest technology and online tools into the sites we create. Our goal is simple: create websites and online marketing that are not just pleasing to our customers, but to your customers; the 76%.   Contact Forbin today and let our Web Marketing experts help you create a website and online presence your customers will love and, more importantly, use.


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