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As we turn the calendar to 2017, our New Year’s Resolution at VGM Forbin is to celebrate our customers more often. Each month, we’re going to celebrate our “Customer of the Month” so you can get to know the businesses that we’ve helped by providing our web development services. Get to know our first Customer of the Month: Allied Purchasing

Allied Purchasing has been serving its members since 1937. Located in Mason City, Iowa, Allied Purchasing serves a buying group for members in the bottled water, dairy, soft drink, water treatment and craft brewing industry to provide discounts for equipment, supplies, ingredients and more.

Because they serve members across the country who place orders for a variety of equipment and supplies, Allied Purchasing needed an order processing system that will allow them to create and process orders placed by their members. Forbin’s solution created a complete system that allows Allied Purchasing to:

  • Maintain membership records
  • Process orders through steps required for fulfillment
  • Receive notifications for coordinating with vendors to ensure orders are filled quickly and correctly

Allied Purchasing always puts the needs of its members first. They take great pride in the personal touch they provide to their members, but also want to give them the control they need to place orders in an increasingly digital world. The system built by Forbin puts them in a great position to better serve their members as they plan to incorporate more technology in the future.


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