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By Rob Duryea, President

Are you prepared for the future of cyber security?

According to Ernst & Young, only 38 percent of businesses are prepared for a cyber-attack. While companies are slow to rise to the threat, cybercriminals are ramping up the sophistication and speed of their attacks. Even if you consider yourself prepared, what are you doing to protect your company from future threats?

In my last few articles, we have covered how to prevent a security breach as it relates to business owners, employees, and patients/customers. We’ve empowered readers to defend their businesses online through encryption and firewalls, secure their employees with education and two-factor authentication, and protect their customers from the all too common identity theft. However, the fight doesn’t end there. Today, we’re closing our cyber security series by discussing the future of cyber security threats and prevention:


Social Engineering Attacks:

Sophisticated scams that involve fake profiles, malicious campaigns made to look like trusted brands, and unauthorized access to corporate information housed on compromised company blogs.


Mobile and Cloud-based Attacks:

Cloud-based service providers being targeted with cybercriminals using mobile location-based services for future attacks.  


Event-based Attacks:

Similar to the click-bait links on your Facebook newsfeed, cybercriminals will capitalize on major international events by posing as legitimate news services in your social feeds in order to infect your devices and access your data.


However, before you cancel your cloud service, close your company’s social media accounts and shut down your corporate website, know that there is hope. Using the tips from the previous three cyber security articles and partnering with a trusted on-line security provider, your offense will be your best defense. Take the threat, your preparation and your security seriously. You can do it and help is only a phone call away.


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