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What Business Owners Need to Know Before Posting Their Views

According to a recent Pew study on social media and politics, the vast majority of Americans on social media have expressed frustration over the political tone and content on social media lately…and for good reason. American feeling frustrated over political posts on social media

In the past few months, our social media platforms have become overrun with political content, most of it taking one side or the other with passionate discussions to follow in comments. With a large percentage of your friends now participating in these discussions, voicing and defending their views, it can be confusing as the business owner decides whether or not to engage. 

The pros and cons to posting political views on social media as a business owner.

Before You Jump In, Consider Some Numbers

Because there are compelling arguments on both sides of this issue, let’s highlight the statistics to consider before you jump in with your personal views as a business owner or manager in a position of service to others:

  • 64 percent of Americans on social media revealed that they have less in common with their friends than they thought. If you believe the classic sales rule that people do business with people they like, then you’ll have to believe that posting your political views could affect your business. 

  • 46 percent of Americans found interactions on social media regarding politics to be stressful and frustrating, and that statistic was shared equally among Democrats and Republicans.  While some business owners believe they are taking a stand and their customers will respect them for it, this study shows your customers are more likely to become stressed or frustrated with your post no matter the content.
  • 83 percent of Americans will not engage with political content they disagree with. If you’ve been sharing your political views on social media and have received no negative feedback, it does not mean no one disagrees with you. 
  • 39 percent of Americans on social media have blocked or minimized content seen from someone because of politics. Not only will someone become frustrated with a political post, but a large percentage of users will simply block the offender, never seeing other content from them again. 
  • 20 percent of Americans have expressed that social media has modified their view about a political or social issue. While there may be negative response to sharing political views, social media is also incredibly effective in inspiring change. If you feel strong enough about an issue, and are willing to weather possible negative impact on your business, the study reveals that your posts could actually lead to change. 

Consider the Effect On Your Brand

Beware, your political posts may pack a punch on social media.Today, your private postings on social media are more accessible than you think and will be linked to the business you own or company you work for. That being said, besides the statistics presented above, there are a few questions to ask yourself before taking a stand that will affect your business’s brand:

  1. Is your business culture in line with the issue?

  2. How do your employees feel about the issue?

  3. Can you handle the backlash?

Ultimately, you’ll need to weigh the pros and cons. Do you feel strongly enough about the issue to put your business on the line for it? If you do and your employees agree, then proceed, but proceed with caution and prepare for backlash.

Of course, if you’re looking for neutral, engaging content to post on your company Facebook page or business Twitter account, call your VGM Forbin account executive and ask about our social media management packages. We are here to help you strengthen your brand online!  

Cassi Price, Manager of Marketing Strategy

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  • Dan Duley | Feb 15th 2017 @ 8:47 AM

    Recently deactivated my personal Facebook account. Discovered 1. It's a poor forum to discuss volatile issues. Some much communication is lost with a simple post. 2. 80% of friends on Facebook I no longer have in person contact. 3. If I want to have a meaningful conversation, a cup of coffee serves as a better medium.

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