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VGM Forbin will be upgrading to a higher capacity backup power generator over the night of Tuesday, December 6, 2016. All hosting services will be offline on Wednesday, December 7, 2016 during the maintenance hours of 12:00 AM – 4:00 AM CST. Email services are not affected by this scheduled outage.

If you experience any issues after the maintenance window is closed, please contact VGM Forbin Support at 877-814-7485. 

Questions that have come in so far. Check back for updates. 

Does this mean that our website will be down during this time, or does it just mean that we can’t make any hosting changes?
Many of our sites will be down during this window, including PowerWeb based sites. 

Financial sites will not be down during the scheduled maintenance hours from 12-4 a.m. The only effected area's of the financial site is that notification emails from online submission will not be sent to their internal employees. i.e. They will need to login to see if any submissions were sent during the maintenance timeframe.

Will this effect our FTP?
This will have no effect on the FTP transfers,  these updates are not related or associated with the FTP.

We have staff that utilize a form in Power Web.  Will they be able to still enter info & submit these forms during the offline time?
No, all PowerWeb sites will be down during this window for maintenance. 


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