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Revolutionize Your Business with a Conversion-Focused Landing Page

Labor-Tracker Site Launch

Revolutionize Your Business Image

Overview: Defining the Problem

Labor-Tracker, which is software to manage repair for mobility and CRT equipment, needed to bring more attention to their program. Labor-Tracker partnered with VGM Forbin to develop a landing page in order to have a place for potential customers to request a demo and learn more about streamlining their process.

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  • Show the value of the Labor-Tracker program to businesses who repair mobility equipment
  • Create a fresh looking landing page that flowed through what Labor-Tacker can do for the customer
  • Highlight Labor-Tracker’s simple process for standardizing service calls, smoothing the billing process, and maximizing profitability
  • Gain demo requests that show interest of the user

Process and Insight: Identifying the Experience

Our design and marketing teams got together in order to see what the best path to take would be for this project. After figuring out what pieces of information we wanted to include and how the page would be set up, our teams went to work. As our talented designer created the wireframe, our copywriter laid out the text to be included on the page. After reviewing with the client to get their edits, we completed the project with everyone feeling confident in its design.

The Solution

Labor-Tracker is an innovative system that restructures the workflow process, offers labor guides for medical equipment modifications, modernizes the billing process, and increases profits. Our team worked diligently to find the right way to showcase this information in order to draw users to the site. Keywords were added to bring more views to the site along with finding a design that allowed user efficiency during navigation. Now, the landing page is a pristine, informational place where a curious user can go in order to see the benefits they can reap and request a demo to capture the essence of the program.


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