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We are often asked “How do you keep up on all the changes happening with social media?” It’s a great question, as social media tips, tricks, trends and best practices seem to change weekly.

Our overly simplistic answer is that we work with social media every day. But for you as a bank marketer most likely wearing multiple hats or acting alone, time is a limited resource. If you happen to get five to 10 minutes during the day, you’re probably not spending it clicking around in Facebook Insights or reading up on Twitter’s new algorithm updates (but if you did, that would be totally awesome).

To help, we rounded up some of the best resources we use to stay current on updates within the social world and stay up on new trends and changes. They range from websites and blogs to specific tools and content produced by some the social networks themselves.

1. Websites- in our opinion, Social Media Examiner is the gold standard for social media knowledge. Not only do their contributors provide great tutorials and information on updates, but there is also a wealth of industry reports and data to take advantage of. The social media sections of both Marketing Land and Search Engine Journal are also terrific sources of how-to’s, news updates and statistics.

2. Blogs- The Percolate Blog is home to articles on all sorts of digital marketing topics, but social is a prevalent theme for many of them. Another outstanding blog is the Moz blog. Again, numerous topics related to digital marketing are covered, but contributions regarding social media from both Moz staff and outside contributors are very well researched and include great visuals, especially their weekly Whiteboard Friday posts.

3. Education from Social Networks- the major social networks have produced their own how-to content for business profiles. Facebook has Facebook Business and Facebook Blueprint, while Twitter has Twitter for Business. LinkedIn has incorporated the learning resources of that cover social media and other digital marketing topics like SEO and pay-per-click advertising.

4. Tools- creating content that includes popular culture is a great way to increase engagement. BuzzSumo (free and paid versions) allows you to see what stories are trending in sports, entertainment, business and many other categories to give you unique ideas and angles to use in your social media content.

5. Individual Twitter Feeds- we also follow a huge number of awesome people with amazing ideas when it comes to social media. While their tweets may not all be about social media, the ideas they espouse can be carried across numerous digital marketing channels. Be sure to check out Larry Kim, Mark Schaefer, Ann Handley and Neil Patel.

Start with the above resources, see who they follow or who contributes to them, and soon enough you’ll have your own go-to sources for social media updates. Many of the blogs and websites can also provide content to your email inbox if you so choose. Yes, you’ll get more promotional offers, but you’ll also get a ton of stellar content delivered to you automatically.

Of course, you can always get in touch with your social team member at Forbin with any social media questions, your social media dreams or anything else related to social.


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