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It’s Tuesday, meaning we owe you some amazing information from the world of web and tech.  In today’s Tech Tuesday, we are looking at iPhone tricks that our very own employees use on a daily basis.  Now, you may be asking yourself, “What about the Android tricks?”  There are Forbin employees with Androids, and they have great tricks too, but today we’ll stick to the infamous iPhone and the surprising shortcuts we’ve found!

  1. The Long Press  – Christina’s Fav

This first trick, the long press, is a favorite feature that Forbin Web Marketing Director Christina Throndson uses every day on her iPhone 6s.  By holding down her finger on an email or app, she can see a preview of the content without actually opening the entire email or app.

  1. News for YOU – Neal loves it

Forbin Client Success Representative Neal Price has fallen in love with the latest News app on iOS.  Why?  It delivers exactly the news he is interested in and continues to evolve to offer news on the topics he is most interested in at the time.

  1. The Live Photo  – Shannon’s visual inspiration

The Live Photo has made capturing those photo-worthy moments much more real for Forbin Client Success Representative Shannon Kazynski.  She loves this feature on her iPhone 6s because she can now take a live photo which includes a few frames before and after she pushes the shutter.  She can then use those live photos on her lock screen, wallpaper or even the face of her Apple Watch!

  1. Talk to Text – Katie’s texting treasure

For Katie Hansen, Forbin Web Marketing Specialist, the talk to text is her most used trick.  By simply pressing the microphone, Katie can respond to texts while typing, walking and more.  She also loves this feature because it dictates text responses much faster than her fingers could ever type!

  1. The Double Tap – Al’s absolute must-have

If you don’t have time or finger reach to tap the top of the screen for the safari search bar, Forbin Web Marketing Specialist Al Strain has the iPhone 6s solution for you!  A light double tap on the home button will bring your search bar down for easy finger access!

  1. Text to Speech – Cassi’s reading revolution

For the multi-taskers out there, you may love Senior Web Marketing Specialist Cassi Price’s favorite iPhone trick.  By selecting settings – accessibility – speak selection and enabling, you are able to activate the text-to-speech option which allows you to select content and have it read aloud to you! These are just a few of the amazing features we enjoy on our iPhones.  However, the most helpful mobile feature Forbin can offer you is assistance with how your website is displayed on mobile devices.  Contact your Forbin representative today to ask about our mobile responsive designs and app development services!


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