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This Thanksgiving, the VGM Forbin team has so much to be thankful for – family, friends, co-workers, clients and special moments spent together. However, VGM Forbin’s Manager of Design Services, Mark Wubbena and UX Designer Nathan Hauser, have one more item to add to the list: the Adobe MAX Conference.

From creative tips and tricks shared between 10,000+ creatives, to new Adobe product releases and workflow efficiency, Adobe MAX Conference is the conference of any designer’s wildest dreams. VGM Forbin Web Marketer, Haylee Westendorf, sat down with Mark (still buzzing with excitement from the experience) to discuss his takeaways from the conference.

Why was attending this conference a “bucket list” item for you?

Mark: I’ve been a fan and advocate of Adobe since 1993, which was the year I first experienced Adobe Photoshop in my Commercial Art program at Hawkeye Community College. (Holy cow that was a long time ago!! LOL) I’ve watched Adobe evolve as they’ve progressed through the years. I see Adobe as a company to model success after.

Did you go into the conference with a goal in mind?

Mark: I did, actually. I attended with two goals in mind: in search of solutions for our design team as well as VGM Forbin as a whole. I hoped for the opportunity to dive deeper into the creative and development process, creative brainstorming as well as leading creative people to become more. Also, of course, I wanted to see how Adobe’s latest software could take our work to a new level, specifically Adobe XD.

What sessions did you find most inspiring or insightful, and why?

Mark: One of my favorites was the Day One Keynote. During this session, they unveiled new features of the current Adobe products as well as what’s coming. The focus was completely in line with what we are doing and have planned for our product development and user experience designs at VGM Forbin. That being a heavy focus on collaboration and iterative development.

Another presentation, Stephen Gates, Senior Vice President and Global Head of Design at Citi (Mark’s personal favorite), spoke about leading a creative team towards success and offered takeaways that we’ve actually been implementing in our design team throughout 2016. He also touched on his ideals in collaboration, which are in line with Forbin’s goals.

Finally, Janet Echelman, recipient of the Guggenheim Fellowship as well as the Smithsonian American Ingenuity Award in Visual Arts, spoke about passion in work and how to persevere through a challenge if it is something you really believe in. Echelman always knew she wanted to be an artist, and after failing all of her high school art classes and being rejected from seven art colleges, her work is now a global sensation.

Mark came back from the conference with a desire to share his experience with the team and reignite that passion and inspiration with all of us.

After landing back in Iowa, he and Nathan created this video
to communicate the ideas, atmosphere, and overall experience of the conference with their VGM Forbin family.


How are you thinking differently now that you’ve attended your dream conference?

Mark: I’m not necessarily thinking differently, however, I can say that I now have some “global ammunition” to support what our team is trying to convey – and hopefully inspiring others, including our clients through the following: Passion. Collaboration. Iterative development. Making ideas. Crafting stories ... Captivating. (watch the video to hopefully feel the excitement and passion we feel!)

These ideas will be shaping our 2017 and beyond, as we work to energize the team through strategy, experience design and social media.

How do you plan to instill these lessons and inspiration into the rest of the team at VGM Forbin?

Mark: What we learned at Adobe MAX have and will continue to influence Forbin’s focus. We plan to create more focused sessions on each stage of development, bringing in speakers to share their skills, talent and inspiration with the team, but also to push the idea of collaboration even further.

In Retrospect

The year of 2016 has been a year of change and progress for VGM Forbin. In 2017, our team will push the boundaries even further. This Thanksgiving, our team, especially Mark Wubbena, is thankful for experiences at Adobe MAX Conference. These experiences will have a lasting impression on the work of VGM Forbin. From the tools we use – to the way we think – to the way we interact with our clients

We do web stuff, and we do it well!

Now we’re going to do it even better!


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