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Medtrade Spring 2016 is over, my team from VGM and Forbin is back in Waterloo, Iowa. My mind is still racing with everything I learned and everyone I met. As the kids say, “good times.” Do the kids still say that?   Vegas is always fun and I assume (since this was my first) that Medtrade is always a great event. It was well organized, it had great speakers and it was full of people with the same mission; to bring the best HME services and products to the people that need them. How was your experience? What were your takeaways from Medtrade Spring 2016? Here are mine…   1. Sessions and speakers were great, but not well attended. Is that new or is that usually how they are? As a speaker, I was able to sit in on many other sessions and was very impressed by the knowledge and passion these folks have for the HME industry. I expected to see better attendance in each of the sessions and wish that more people did take advantage of the tremendous speakers and education available. I’m interested to see what Fall Medtrade 16 has for speakers and attendees. Do yourselves a favor and go to these sessions!   2. The networking was awesome! Medtrade is like going to your high school class reunion if all of the people who you went to school with were cool, had interesting things to talk about, and you were actually glad to see them. Medtrade is where you get to visit with favorite customers, make new friends, and talk to people who share your passion for the industry. It’s the place to share ideas and business cards in the HME industry.   3. The overall outlook about the industry was positive! I may be new to the HME industry, but when you work at VGM, you learn about the HME industry quickly, and you learn it from people who know the industry like the back of their hand. I have read and heard all about the many challenges that the HME world faces from Competitive Bidding and low reimbursements to brutal audits…you name it! I guess I expected to hear more grumbling and doom-and-gloom from the other attendees who, after all, have a lot to lose. But that’s not what I heard. I was pleasantly surprised by the positive outlook and fighting spirit from the folks in the trenches. These men and women have been through it before, weathered the storms, adjusted their sails, and never lost sight of why they keep fighting; to help the people who need them the most. I couldn’t be more proud to be part of such a fantastic group.   I look forward to seeing you at Heartland or Medtrade Fall 2016, or whenever you come to visit!   Rob Duryea, President of VGM Forbin    


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