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  • October 30, 2017

    Category: Forbin Culture

    She's a loving dachshund dog mom, devoted vegetarian, & one of our rock star interns! She's JADE MANNING! Jade has been with our team for over 6 months now, and she has become a go-to member of our programming team, working on anything from BankWeb™ programming updates, WCAG compliance, Google Analytics setups and more! We sat down with Jade and asked a few questions about her internship with VGM Forbin, experiences and influences, plus a few quirky questions, just

    Tags: Culture, Forbin Famous, Intern, Intern Spotlight, VGM Forbin Intern

  • August 14, 2017

    Category: Forbin Culture

    You could say he’s a jack of all trades. When we see his work we ooh and ahh. He solves a Rubik’s Cube faster than you can say his last name. He’s one of our rock star interns. He’s Brett Schwickerath. Brett is a soon-to-be-graduate of Wartburg College, has proven an outstanding asset when it comes to social graphics and custom Google display ads, wireframes, and site design mockups. We’re excited to give him opportunities for growth in unchartered territory with

    Tags: Intern, Intern Spotlight

  • March 10, 2017

    Category: Forbin Culture

    This spring, the VGM Forbin Web Marketing team is lucky enough to have a highly skilled and creative intern eager to learn the ropes of digital marketing and take her education to the next level, Bailey Lubben! In typical VGM Forbin fashion, we’ve got a vast set of projects and learning opportunities lined up for Bailey including social campaigns, digital marketing training series event planning, and website copywriting. VGM Forbin Web Marketer & Designer, Haylee Westendorf, sat down with

    Tags: Culture, Forbin Culture, Intern, Intern Spotlight, Team, web marketing

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