COVID-19 Update:

We have made preparations and updated our operations for COVID-19. Learn more about how these updates impact you. Click to learn more »

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Coronavirus Resources

Everyone at VGM Forbin shares in your concerns surrounding the Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Our top priority continues to be making sure our customers and employees stay safe and healthy throughout this pandemic. To accomplish this priority, we will be making some short-term changes to allow the majority of our team to work from home, and we are also offering services and solutions specifically to help our customers through this difficult time. See the list of services below or read our latest article on How to Continue Business During the Coronavirus Pandemic.

Here are the systems that we can provide which would be most impactful in this new environment:

Communicating Important Alerts

Alert Pop-up and Page Setup
(Website Pop-up Alert Linking to Information Page)

Alert Pop-up to allow all visitors to your website to see a pop-up overlay on your website. This pop-up will link directly to a page on your website that provides the latest update from your business on how your daily services may be affected by COVID-19.

Alert Banner and Page Setup

Alert banner to allow visitors to your website to see a banner at top of your website that will link directly to a page on your website that provides the latest update from your business.

1-Time Email to Customer List

Email update to your customers on how your services have changed during the COVID-19 pandemic. VGM Forbin will deploy the email after receiving your content, email list and customer service email address.

Remote Work Environment

Remote Work Software Setup - Continuum

Remote to work computer, HIPAA-compliant, no VPN (virtual private network) required, quick response time, can be used with home computer.

Remote Phone/Video Conferencing Software Setup - RingCentral (Secure/Compliant Telehealth & Telebanking Solution)

Remotely manage calls, team chat, audio meetings, video conferencing, fax, call recording, voicemail to text from home.

HIPAA compliant, highly secure, and includes end-to-end encryption for easy-to-use telehealth or telebanking solution.

Remote Office File Sharing - Office 365 

Remotely access Outlook, Word, Excel, OneNote, SharePoint, Teams, secure file sharing.

Steps You Can Take at Home and at the Office

To reduce your risk of contracting and/or spreading COVID-19, it is recommended that you take the following precautions:

  • Don’t shake hands
  • Don’t touch anything in public spaces
  • Don’t touch your face
  • Wash your hands frequently with soap and water for 20 seconds (hum the “Happy Birthday” song two times)
  • Use hand sanitizer regularly between washes
  • Avoid crowded places (churches, stores, large events, schools, etc.)
  • Avoid contact with friends or family who travel frequently (train or airplane)
  • Avoid contact with friends or family who attend public events
  • Get enough rest (7-8 hours of sleep)
  • Stay hydrated

Assistance from VGM Forbin

No matter what the next few weeks or months bring, the VGM Forbin team is ready to help you get connected to the systems needed to communicate effectively with your customers and your staff from anywhere.

If you need our help and would like to explore these options for your business and get the at-cost pricing that we are offering Forbin customers, give our Forbin Customer Care Team a call or shoot us an email. We are ready to help.

Contact VGM Forbin Customer Care at 877-592-9125 or

If you need any additional information or further updates about COVID-19

We encourage you to consult the CDC website for the latest information.

We will continue to keep you updated on any relevant information for how our services will be impacted as the situation develops. Thank you for doing your part to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

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