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Report Definitions and Tips

How To Use The Report

  1. Select the desired date range in the top right corner of the screen on Page 1 (Report Data) 
  2. Review your report.

Make the most of your report...

EXPORT DATA - hover your mouse over a graph or table. On the top right side of the graph or table, three vertical dots appear. Click on those to access options for exporting the data in the table graph.

SORT TABLE COLUMNS - in a table, click the column header to sort values to your needs.

VIEW MORE RESULTS - in a table, the results are paginated to allow you to see all of the results. Click the arrows at the bottom right corner of the table to view the next page.

Definition of Key Terms

Within Campaign Overview...

  • CLICKS - indicates how many times your advertisement(s) were clicked on by users.
  • IMPRESSIONS - indicate how many times your advertisement(s) was visible to user however were not clicked on.

Within Landing Page Overview...

  • SESSIONS - refers to a user session or a group of interactions that take place on your website within a given time frame.
  • PAGEVIEWS - refers to a view of a page on your website. This is measured per each view and usually reports a higher number than sessions. Learn more about pageviews from Google Support. 
    • Example: One user visits your homepage, then your blog, then your contact us page then returns to the home page. This would be reported as 4 pageviews.
  • AVG. TIME ON PAGE - indicates how long users stayed on your page on the average. Time spent on the page can be an indicator of how interested or if the users are reading the content. 
  • BOUNCE RATE - refers to the percent of users that immediately left your website upon arriving your site. Average bounce rate is between 40-50%.
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