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  • Rising to the Challenge in Social Media

    Make your business social media presence stronger and get in front of the right audience.

    Build Your Social Community

Social Media 2.0 - The Basics

Facebook is continuously updating its platform and changing its algorithms. In response, we work to adjust our strategy to better serve our clients. Social platforms will continue to evolve and in order to stay relevant, we will continue to tweak and improve our tactics to provide you with better value.

View Our Social 2.0 Benefits

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Social 2.0 Overview & Benefits

  • Each client gets focused content designed specifically to address the goals they determine are important for their business. 

  • Custom graphics are created with specific calls-to-action.
  • Forbin can help show businesses how to get more engagement from their posts.
  • High-quality posts paired with quarterly motion graphics will boost engagement and spark interest.

See How it Works

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How Social 2.0 Works

  • You are given the opportunity to choose a focus for the quarter. This could be any aspect of your business whether it’s a product or a service that you offer. Then, for the next three months, we will provide content solely on that focus. 
  • For month one, you will get eight posts. One of the posts will consist of a motion graphic, as Facebook favors showing video posts more than any other. Two others will be custom graphics.
  • The next two months will consist of eight posts each. Three of the posts will be a static custom graphic each month.

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