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Don't Get Beat Online. 

Learn How to Compete.

Click on the resources listed below for helpful links and downloads

1. Customer Journey Template

Download the customer journey map by clicking on the link below. 


2. Mobile-Friendly Tools

Test your website for mobile-friendly status using one of the tools listed below. 

Google Search Console (GSC)  Google Mobile Test


3.  Webpage Speed Tools

Check out your webpage's speed by using one or all of the tools.

 GSC GT Metrix Google Speed Test

4.  WCAG Audit

Call VGM Forbin direct at 877-814-7485 or fill out the form below and let us know the website you'd like for us to perform a free WCAG audit for.

5.  Local Directories              

The listing of local directories with their associated DA (domain authority) are listed below in the table.  

       Facebook  100          
Yahoo! Local    
 Apple 100     
 GMB 100 
Merchant Circle
 LinkedIn 98 Super Pages 
 Bing 94 
  Yellow Book
 Yelp 94 
 BBB 93   
 Foursquare 92 
 MapQuest 92 Hot Frog 76 
 HubSpot 91 
 Yellow Pages   91 
 Angies List 91 

6.    Add CC to Facebook Video

Click Here


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