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Our Team

Mostly Sweet, with a Few Nuts...

Our team is comprised of account representatives, designers specializing in user experience and user interface, Google-certified web marketing specialists and programmers that ensure all our web products function properly.

  • Sydney Owen

Sydney Owen

  • Mark Wubbena

Mark Wubbena


Having a background in a smorgasbord of old-school art techniques and modern design and web applications, Mark brings both knowledge and varied experience to his work. A designer, drummer and daddy to his daughter, Mark has experience in working with drawing, painting, video post production, web and print design, video integration and Flash animation. In short, he knows a lot of useful stuff. While he loves design, Mark is infatuated with branding and helping companies develop a visually expressive exterior that reflects the interior values and inner workings of that company. Mark also takes his creativity and mind for design and applies it to his home, which he is usually renovating or remodeling in some way.

  • Therese Kuhlman

Therese Kuhlman


With a strong passion for continually learning from our clients, Therese Kuhlman spends her days at VGM Forbin doing what she loves – fulfilling clients’ goals through great user experiences and fresh designs that offer a clean and consistent look. As a UX designer, Therese thrives on continuously learning from her clients about their industry and their unique needs. She holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of Northern Iowa where she majored in both Graphic Technologies and Graphic Design. Before coming to VGM Forbin, Therese gained experience in a large variety of industries, serving client needs through commercial printing design, and found that she loved the user experience and problem-solving aspects of digital design. When Therese is not developing killer website designs, she enjoys an active lifestyle filled with exercise, music and outings with friends.

  • Cheyenne Newman

Cheyenne Newman


When it comes to unique branding projects, we turn to Cheyenne Newman. After providing a custom Rubix cube business card following a student visit, we knew Cheyenne would produce equally innovative work for our clients, and she quickly became Forbin’s design intern. Now a UX designer, Cheyenne is charged with a wide variety of responsibilities including serving both VGM Forbin’s marketing design needs as well as the design needs of our ongoing web marketing programs such as social media, search engine optimization and search engine marketing. She is truly motivated by her client work at VGM Forbin because it connects customers to products or services that improve their lives. Cheyenne graduated from the University of Northern Iowa with a bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design. When Cheyenne is not helping clients connect with their customers, she lives for weekends with her friends, family and dog Cooper as well as completing amazing crafting projects.

  • Courtney Ott

Courtney Ott

UX Designer Est. 2020
  • Brett Schwickerath

Brett Schwickerath


It’s all in the details for VGM Forbin’s Brett Schwickerath. At Forbin, Brett uses his talents in UI development and UX design to make sure that the choices of our clients and our designers not only look great, but also function well in all situations. No matter the project, Brett is up for the challenge and is known for his passion for learning new things. While earning his bachelor’s degree in Digital Cinema Production at Wartburg College, Brett became fluent in just about every Adobe product and developed a passion for design. Brett is truly motivated by solving problems for our clients and by streamlining processes within website production. Outside of VGM Forbin, you’ll find Brett watching a wide variety of TV shows and movies, listening to music and playing video games so that he may express his greatest passion, sharing those experiences with others so that they may enjoy them as well. 

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