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Our Team

Mostly Sweet, with a Few Nuts...

Our team is comprised of account representatives, designers specializing in user experience and user interface, Google-certified web marketing specialists and programmers that ensure all our web products function properly.

  • Cassi Price

Cassi Price

MANAGER OF MARKETING STRATEGY Est. 2007 (319) 874-6928

Google Certifications: AdWords, Mobile, Shopping & Video

Specializing in social media campaigns, search and social advertising and writing optimized content for websites, Cassi plays a vital role in Forbin’s web marketing. Before joining Forbin Cassi bolstered her skills as Director of Communications for the Orthotic and Prosthetic Group of America, and has attended conferences and completed the 7 Step Sales Process Training for Emerge Sales. A lover of music and anything outdoors, Cassi finds satisfaction in finding a client’s unique target audience through search and social advertising, as well as creating interactions through social media. Most nights find Cassi spending time outside with her husband and two daughters, then enjoying a glass of cheap-ish wine. She is also available as a wedding singer should you need one.

  • Matt Cunard

Matt Cunard

SENIOR WEB MARKETER Est. 2012 (319) 874-6957

A relative newbie to the world of web development and marketing, Matt’s background is in writing for various media, public relations and communication design for print and social media. Working mostly on web marketing projects, Matt helps give companies a branded presence on Facebook and a voice through writing their blog postings. Matt writes content for Powerweb and custom websites; and also assists with search engine optimization and search engine management projects. Loving exercise and pretty much anything that keeps him active outdoors, this native of Kansas City likes to play (but is mediocre at) golf, interested in (and not bad at) cooking and really into (and very nerdy about) The Office.

  • Al Strain

Al Strain

SENIOR WEB MARKETER Est. 2014 (319) 274-8412

Google Certifications: AdWords, Mobile, Shopping & Video

Al joined Forbin after gaining extensive experience in journalism. Originally from St. Charles, MN, Al graduated from Wartburg College with a communication arts major and history minor. His journalism experience includes writing for the college student newspaper, acting as the editor-in-chief for the newspaper, and being a reporter for the Owatonna People’s Press newspaper for over two years.  His experiences in writing on a number of different topics (including going up in the air in a stunt airplane twice) prepared Al for the writing-intensive work he does at Forbin. Al is greatly interested in the ever-changing nature of marketing on the web and the rapidly expanding skill set it requires. He is an avid Minnesota sports fan, as well as a Grammy-award winning singer when driving in his car. He also has a passion for making people laugh and for theater. His upbringing as an only child with no imaginary friend has made Al a very personable and friendly member of our team.

  • Thea Nicholson

Thea Nicholson

WEB MARKETER Est. 2018 (319) 274-6931

Thea’s a Web Marketing wiz. She attended the University of Nebraska—Lincoln where she earned a degree in Advertising and Public Relations and was trained to fulfill the role she holds now at Forbin as a Web Marketer and Social Media Strategist. Her expertise enables her to answer all of her client’s questions from social media to their website platform. “Clients often have an idea of what they want to do in their head, and I get to make that happen for them by using the right tools and targeting.” Her clients love seeing her unique content and the topics she chooses to write for them. “I love telling the stories of people trying to make a difference. It’s rewarding to lift up business owners, and their employees, who are trying to provide products and services that make their customers’ lives better.” In her free time, Thea loves writing, fitness and spending time with her hubby.

  • Bailey Lubben

Bailey Lubben


Certifications: Google Analytics, Google Ads Display, Mobile, Search, Video & Shopping

It is proven laughing is contagious, and that is true with Bailey Lubben and her bubbly personality. Bailey is the definition of efficient as she provides quality work in a timely manner. She is the lead in a slew of things as a web marketer including the Social Media, Reputation Management, Reputation Plus+, and Search Engine Optimization programs. Bailey enjoys helping clients better their online presence and reputation by reaching the right customers who are searching for their products or services.

Prior to her expertise in social media at VGM Forbin, Bailey was at the University of Northern Iowa getting her degree in Public Relations and minoring in Marketing. There she learned about writing and marketing strategies along with SEM and SEO strategies, although she credits Forbin for teaching her everything she needed to know to help her clients with their marketing needs. Bailey is a traveler at heart and always enjoys going to new places.

  • Hillary Reents

Hillary Reents

  • Ana Dobrilovic

Ana Dobrilovic

WEB MARKETER Est. 2018 (319) 274-8655

Certifications: Google Analytics & Google Ads

Helping clients reach their goals is one of the many things Ana Dobrilovic is passionate about as a Web Marketer. Ana keeps herself busy by problem-solving and using her extensive and diverse knowledge to write compelling content for all of her clients. To say Ana aims to please would be an understatement as she is known to go above and beyond to help clients reach their goals. Whether it be through social media, blogs, site content or anything in between, Ana can put a creative twist on anything through strategy and collaboration.

Before devoting her time at VGM Forbin, Ana was busy getting her B.A. in both English and TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) at the University of Northern Iowa. In her free time, Ana enjoys all things reading & writing along with spending time with her family and her kitty! She also will throw anyone down in a mean game of tennis. She is always learning about different cultures and becoming a better, more informed citizen. Fun fact: Ana can speak multiple languages! How cool is that?

  • Joshua Schneiderman

Joshua Schneiderman

  • Sean Dever

Sean Dever

WEB MARKETING INTERN Est. 2018 (319) 274-4495

Certifications: Google Analytics & Google Ads

Sean Dever is a driven and talented Web Marketing Intern here at VGM Forbin but is not the “typical intern” as he is consistently taking on responsibilities beyond his expectations. Sean is currently a non-traditional student in Public Relations at UNI. Sean’s PR studies have proven to be very helpful and beneficial in his Web Marketing role and vice versa. A problem solver at heart, Sean is known for his ability to take a task and exceed it’s expectations effectively and efficiently. Any process that can be improved, he does just that. Among many things, Sean handles a lot of SEM in the office. He is often communicating with clients on what the statistics from those reports mean for their specific business.

Outside of work and school, Sean is active in many outdoor activities, especially hunting and hiking. He has a passion for the environment and is a volunteer with Pheasants Forever. He strongly believes in protecting and managing wildlife in a safe manner and shows that through his actions. Sean is a resourceful and selfless person inside and outside of the office!

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