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Our Team

Mostly Sweet, with a Few Nuts...

Our team is comprised of account representatives, designers specializing in user experience and user interface, Google-certified web marketing specialists and programmers that ensure all our web products function properly.

  • Josh Carroll

Josh Carroll

PRODUCTION MANAGER Est. 2016 (319) 274-8659
  • Philipp Hoeltermann

Philipp Hoeltermann


Philipp joined the Forbin team having completed his Bachelor of Arts degree in Information Management from the University of Applied Sciences and Arts in Hannover, Germany. Working with the programming team is Phillipp’s first work experience out of college and in the United States, and he has proven to be a valuable addition. Tasked with quality assurance and security, Philipp combs sites that are being developed to find possible bugs, errors or security issues to be corrected before they go live. Philipp has a love for basketball, baseball and football that is “more than all other Germans combined.”

  • Justin Berning

Justin Berning


Another team member in our multitude of UNI grads, Justin specializes in PHP programming. Having earned his BA in Management Information Systems, Justin uses his familiarity with various programming languages to create new custom websites, as well as fix minor bugs or other issues in current sites. Justin feels most accomplished when he’s created a site that works exactly how it’s supposed to to help a client meet their goals. A sports lover, Justin stays active outside of work, whether he’s shooting hoops at his apartment, out playing disc golf or enjoying a round of golf with some friends.

  • Josh Tanberg

Josh Tanberg

WEB PROGRAMMER Est. 2015 (319) 274-8678

Having worked at other area web development companies, Josh brings many fresh, new ideas to our team to help us refine our production process. At the time he joined Forbin, Josh had a mix of real-world and in-classroom web development experience. His passionate approach to being on the cutting edge of web development and design trends means Josh is always an asset in idea generation meetings regardless of which type of project is being discussed. He is by no means your cookie cutter web developer: Josh loves old cars (he drives a 1950 Mercury), plays guitar and is an Army Infantry Veteran, having completed three tours with the 101st Airborne.

  • Matthew Kauten

Matthew Kauten

LEAD PROGRAMMER Est. 2009 (319) 274-4434

Matt joined VGM Forbin in 2009 with a bachelor's degree in Computer Science from the University of Northern Iowa and an associates degree in Computer Information Systems specializing in Web Development. A Microsoft Certified ASP.NET Web Developer, Matt has an extensive knowledge of programming, databases, and web page development techniques and uses them on a daily basis to complete a variety of tasks at Forbin. Matt's focus at Forbin is to lead projects, develop new products, set and enforce standards and quality, and mentor developers and programmers on the Forbin team.

Matt’s bank of computer and technological wisdom makes him an often used resource for our programmers, designers, IT support, sales, and web marketing teams for current problems or future projects. Not one to be left behind on updates on the web, Matt likes to participate in ASP.NET user groups, as well as attend local Microsoft conferences.

A home, Matt loves spending time with his wife Sydney and his son Henry as well as his two dogs, Abbey and Charlie.

  • Dave Wirth

Dave Wirth

TECHNOLOGY ANALYST Est. 2015 (319) 274-8695

Dave has done everything and held nearly every position in web development, from programmer and trainer to sales support, IT staff and everything else. Dave graduated from Luther College with a degree in accounting and minors in math and physics. In 1973, he began working with the Cohn family at Santa Claus Industries in Waterloo writing programs. Over the course of time, Dave became the President and COO of ASI Computer Systems, also owned by the Cohn family; he retired in 2013 after 40 years with the family. Dave joined Forbin in late 2014 as a programmer and analyst. When he’s not programming or creating software, Dave has taken up golf (“not very successfully”). He and his wife, Carol, have spent much time in the past five years going to Coe College basketball games to watch their kids play. Dave also enjoys yearly canoeing and camping trips to the Boundary Waters near the Minnesota-Canada border.

  • Trevor Covington

Trevor Covington

WEB PROGRAMMER Est. 2018 (319) 274-6505
  • Jade Manning

Jade Manning

WEB PROGRAMMER Est. 2018 (319) 274-7986
  • Joe Nikas

Joe Nikas

  • Zack Oliver

Zack Oliver

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