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Email Marketing

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What is the most effective form of marketing with the greatest potential reach? In terms of users, email marketing dwarfs any other potential digital marketing channel in potential and effectiveness. At VGM Forbin, we can help your business harness its full potential by integrating email marketing into your digital marketing strategy to help connect you with your customers while providing them with relevant content.

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Why Email Marketing Matters


of online adults utilize email


of marketers have seen an increase in email engagement in the last year


of email users check their email every day

Forbin’s Approach to Email Marketing

Email List Creation

Our email marketing program is focused on connecting with users who are interested in the products and services your business offers. We don't buy lists and send your company's emails to random people. Instead, Forbin's team works with you to build out a list of qualified emails that are more likely to engage with the content you send them.

Email Content Strategy

Compelling content is essential to any successful email marketing service. Our team will handle all the content creation for your email marketing campaigns. We'll work with you to determine what products and services should be highlighted for your business, and craft a strategy to let those elements shine. 

Email Marketing Reporting

Reporting is the most critical component to our email marketing program. It allows us to not only demonstrate effectiveness, but allows us to refine our strategy to make sure your budgets are being used as effectively as possible. You'll be provided with reports that track key engagement statistics, along with how your email marketing pieces stack up against industry averages. 

How Email MarketingFits Your Digital Strategy

Email marketing is the one marketing service you can depend on your customers having access to. Almost all adults have at least one email account they use on a daily basis. Our plans create engaging content and deliver your campaigns to the users most likely to engage with your business. Using that simple formula, we can deliver results that make a difference for your customers and your business. 

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