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Our Team

Mostly Sweet, with a Few Nuts...

Our team is comprised of account representatives, designers specializing in user experience and user interface, Google-certified web marketing specialists and programmers that ensure all our web products function properly.

  • Mike Mallaro

Mike Mallaro


Mike Mallaro is VGM's chief executive officer. As CEO, Mike provides a strategic and financial perspective to decisions made at VGM. His day-to-day focus is working on projects to strategically position VGM for growth and success in the future. Mike has been with VGM since 2001 and served as the lead on development of the employee stock ownership plan (ESOP), which included transition to a 100 percent employee ownership in 2008.

  • Christa Miehe

Christa Miehe


Christa Miehe is president of VGM Marketing and Shared Services where she oversees four departments and 85 employees. The teams that she guides plans and implements internal and external communication and events for the more than 25 businesses under the VGM Group umbrella. They also help members and vendors of the VGM community with print and online marketing campaigns. Christa has nearly 20 years’ experience with planning, executing, and analyzing marketing and special projects for the employee-owned company. Christa is an impactful marketer who believes in progress over perfection. She helps guide company strategy to maximize brand enhancement, improve employee engagement, increase diversity of revenue, and nurture company culture.

  • Lindy Tentinger

Lindy Tentinger


In her previous role as Senior Vice President of Marketing for VGM & Associates, Lindy managed marketing efforts for multiple VGM brands to better serve their members and vendor partners. She built a marketing and customer experience team dedicated to VGM’s membership communities, services and strategic partnerships. While at VGM & Associates, Lindy launched the Industry Matters podcast, member-exclusive playbook series, a new website and membership portal, and a quarterly buyer’s guide. Lindy has become a frequent industry speaker on strategic marketing utilizing data and patient experience. 

Prior to joining VGM, Lindy worked at CBE Companies, a global Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) company for 11 years. She built the company’s marketing department from the ground up and led both sales and marketing departments through a digital transformation and a re-branding/positioning launch. Her marketing leadership helped gain global exposure and year-over-year revenue growth for the company’s multiple business units. Lindy also led several go-to-market efforts for call center and technology solutions to expand the company’s breadth. She is well-versed in many industry verticals including healthcare, financial services, utilities, government, telecommunications, and higher education. 

Lindy has a BA in Electronic Media, as well as an MBA. 

  • Donny Wilson

Donny Wilson

MANAGER OF FINANCIAL SALES Est. 2012 (515) 975-6739

Donny focuses on banking and financial institutions outside of the local area. The Iowa State graduate brings experience in business-to-business (B2B) sales, having worked in that area for the last 14 years. Though his degree is in zoology, Donny’s talent for sales with all sizes of technology and software businesses from startups to large corporations led him to joining our team to help expand our client base. When he’s not out on the road meeting with clients Donny is most likely working with his hands creating one-of-a-kind pieces of furniture and cabinets.

Areas of Expertise

Donny’s focus is on assisting banks and financial institutions improve their presence on the web and provide their customers with the products and services they need. Working with small, medium and large banks, Donny’s expertise with Forbin’s BankWeb system, as well as his knowledge of current banking trends, allows him to show clients how beneficial BankWeb can be. Donny can also provide a detailed look at Forbin’s Social Performance PlansCustom Facebook Tabs and Search Engine Marketing plans to help with relationship building and lead generation.

  • Heather Seevell

Heather Seevell

ACCOUNT EXECUTIVE Est. 2018 (319) 874-6698

As a University of Northern Iowa graduate, with a B.S. in Marketing and an emphasis in Advertising & Sales, Heather is a master of online advertising and providing a great customer experience. With her extensive background in business development and opportunity analysis, Heather knows how to identify opportunities and competitive advantages to ensure her clients gain an edge in the digital marketplace.

Before joining Forbin, Heather worked for a national advertising agency for 13 years as a National Account & Business Development Director. While at the agency, she worked with national automotive manufacturers to develop strategy and execute advertising campaigns.

On the VGM Forbin team, Heather specializes in helping healthcare clients across the nation. Through years of organizing event volunteers, coaching young athletes and managing teams at work, Heather has a knack for identifying different strengths and motivations to make sure each project is a success. Heather says, “I truly enjoy helping others see their potential role in the team – because together we can all achieve more.”

  • Wendy Frost

Wendy Frost

ACCOUNT EXECUTIVE Est. 2019 (319) 833-4572
  • Nick Dideriksen

Nick Dideriksen

SENIOR IT ANALYST Est. 2017 (319) 874-6952

Hailing from the University of Northern Iowa with a BA in Graphic Design, Nick offers quite a bit of charisma to the Forbin family. Nick says, “Even though I don’t do much design anymore, it introduced me into the technology business world that wasn’t readily available in small-town Iowa.” He has since used those skills to become a killer Senior I.T. Analyst. He believes any task is possible if you listen to your customer and provide a solution they need. Nick has an amazing ability to relate to the customer and for creating efficiencies in their workplace. He’s passionate about getting to know as many of his co-workers and customers as possible. He feels strongly that the more people you know, the easier it is to find help when you need it most. Nick says, “Being a dad to my two little girls has been the best thing to ever happen in my life. Other than my family, I’m one of the biggest golf fans you will ever meet. Golfers always talk about their ideal foursome if they could pick anyone in the world. Mine would be Bill Murray, Tiger Woods and my Dad. That would be the perfect day on the golf course!”

  • John Friel

John Friel

MANAGER OF IT SERVICES Est. 2015 (319) 274-4533

John is a bit of a unique employee because he actually started Forbin as an internet service provider in Cedar Falls, the first ISP in the Cedar Valley which he later sold to the VGM Group, Inc. In his second run with Forbin, John works with our programming team to support them with new technology, as well as assisting networking and computer clients. John’s programming career started in 8th grade when his teacher introduced him to FORTRAN programming. Since then, he has been educated (both by instructors and through self-education) in numerous programming languages that allow him to provide great insight into various aspects of Forbin’s products. When he’s not tinkering with code, John likes to tinker under the hood and drag race. He also collects Monopoly sets, and divides time between working on his HO Model railroad and learning to play the guitar.

  • Jesse Farris

Jesse Farris

DIRECTOR OF TECHNOLOGY Est. 2019 (319) 274-6644
  • Gregg Erickson

Gregg Erickson

  • Dan Whitmer

Dan Whitmer

  • Jessica Veren

Jessica Veren

SENIOR PROCESS LEAD Est. 2016 (319) 274-4520

Jess graduated from the University of Northern Iowa with a degree in Public Relations and a minor in Marketing. Jess does an INCREDIBLE job at Forbin and when asked how she does it, she says, “A little progress each day adds up to big results, or one of my favorite quotes by Benjamin Franklin – ‘For every minute spent in organizing, an hour is earned.’” She consistently answers any and all questions regarding the development and works with clients on a weekly or bi-weekly basis to understand what they bought with their new web solution. If anything falls outside of the current contract, she works with the production team to properly scope and provide that quote to the Account Executive to formalize and quote. She is complimented most on her organizational skills as well as understanding where all of her projects sit in the development process. Being compassionate and listening to our customers’ needs as well as guiding production team members through the development process is another amazing quality Jess possesses. She is most passionate about helping people. Working with the production team and the customer to create a site that they love and our client’s clients love is her favorite part of the job! In her personal life, she enjoys spending time with her husband and family, as well as crafting her new-found love for woodwork.

  • Taylor Rettig

Taylor Rettig

PROCESS LEAD Est. 2018 (319) 449-6503

Taylor hails from Simpson College where he received a degree in Math. (He’s pretty smart.) Taylor says, “In math, there is always a right answer and a wrong answer, but there is more than one way to get to the right answer. In serving our clients, there is a right answer in their mind, but there is more than one way for us to get there. Finding the path to the right answer in the most efficient manner possible keeps me going.” How Mr. Miyagi of you, Taylor. He is passionate about assisting the team and the client in any way he can to produce a quality product as efficiently as possible. His favorite part of his job is interacting with internal and external partners in order to meet the needs of clients. Being a Process Lead at Forbin allows him to do that on a daily basis. Taylor helps our clients solve problems. He says, “Clients don’t always know exactly what they need in order to meet their goals. I connect clients with the right people on our team in order to solve their problems and meet their goals.” In his personal life, he enjoys running, biking, kayaking and camping, and he prefers to do any combination of those things with family and friends. 

  • Sydney Owen

Sydney Owen

  • Philipp Hoeltermann

Philipp Hoeltermann


Philipp joined the Forbin team having completed his Bachelor of Arts degree in Information Management from the University of Applied Sciences and Arts in Hannover, Germany. Working with the programming team is Philipp’s first work experience out of college and in the United States, and he has proven to be a valuable addition. Tasked with quality assurance and security, Philipp combs sites that are being developed to find possible bugs, errors or security issues to be corrected before they go live. Philipp has a love for basketball, baseball and football that is “more than all other Germans combined.”

  • Cassi Price

Cassi Price

DIRECTOR OF MARKETING AND SALES Est. 2007 (319) 874-6928

Google Certifications: AdWords, Mobile, Shopping & Video

Specializing in social media campaigns, search and social advertising and writing optimized content for websites, Cassi plays a vital role in Forbin’s web marketing. Before joining Forbin Cassi bolstered her skills as Director of Communications for the Orthotic and Prosthetic Group of America, and has attended conferences and completed the 7 Step Sales Process Training for Emerge Sales. A lover of music and anything outdoors, Cassi finds satisfaction in finding a client’s unique target audience through search and social advertising, as well as creating interactions through social media. Most nights find Cassi spending time outside with her husband and two daughters, then enjoying a glass of cheap-ish wine. She is also available as a wedding singer should you need one.

  • Al Strain

Al Strain


Google Certifications: AdWords, Mobile, Shopping & Video

Al joined Forbin after gaining extensive experience in journalism. Originally from St. Charles, MN, Al graduated from Wartburg College with a communication arts major and history minor. His journalism experience includes writing for the college student newspaper, acting as the editor-in-chief for the newspaper, and being a reporter for the Owatonna People’s Press newspaper for over two years.  His experiences in writing on a number of different topics (including going up in the air in a stunt airplane twice) prepared Al for the writing-intensive work he does at Forbin. Al is greatly interested in the ever-changing nature of marketing on the web and the rapidly expanding skill set it requires. He is an avid Minnesota sports fan, as well as a Grammy-award winning singer when driving in his car. He also has a passion for making people laugh and for theater. His upbringing as an only child with no imaginary friend has made Al a very personable and friendly member of our team.

  • Bailey Lubben

Bailey Lubben


Certifications: Google Analytics, Google Ads Display, Mobile, Search, Video & Shopping

It is proven laughing is contagious, and that is true with Bailey Lubben and her bubbly personality. Bailey is the definition of efficient as she provides quality work in a timely manner. She is the lead in a slew of things as a web marketer including the Social Media, Reputation Management, Reputation Plus+, and Search Engine Optimization programs. Bailey enjoys helping clients better their online presence and reputation by reaching the right customers who are searching for their products or services.

Prior to her expertise in social media at VGM Forbin, Bailey was at the University of Northern Iowa getting her degree in Public Relations and minoring in Marketing. There she learned about writing and marketing strategies along with SEM and SEO strategies, although she credits Forbin for teaching her everything she needed to know to help her clients with their marketing needs. Bailey is a traveler at heart and always enjoys going to new places.

  • Kelly Herbert

Kelly Herbert


Kelly comes to us from sunny Georgia and brings her creativity and drive. Kelly attended Georgia State University where she got her degree in Biology with a minor in Chemistry. Her numerous years of experience in sales and marketing has translated into the career in web marketing she holds now! As a Social Media Strategist, Kelly gets her clients the brand awareness they may not currently have. She’s always thinking about how else she can make her clients’ social media a success. “Whether it’s a new campaign or some specialized ads, there’s always a way to take the next step and up their game.” In her personal life, Kelly loves spending time with her husband, baby girl and pup! “Whether it’s caring for my family or a client, I always try to give them my best.” Kelly is a valued member of the Forbin team and loved by coworkers and clients alike for her puns, wittiness and hard work.

  • Hillary Reents

Hillary Reents

  • Ana Dobrilovic

Ana Dobrilovic


Certifications: Google Analytics & Google Ads

Helping clients reach their goals is one of the many things Ana Dobrilovic is passionate about as a Web Marketer. Ana keeps herself busy by problem-solving and using her extensive and diverse knowledge to write compelling content for all of her clients. To say Ana aims to please would be an understatement as she is known to go above and beyond to help clients reach their goals. Whether it be through social media, blogs, site content or anything in between, Ana can put a creative twist on anything through strategy and collaboration.

Before devoting her time at VGM Forbin, Ana was busy getting her B.A. in both English and TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) at the University of Northern Iowa. In her free time, Ana enjoys all things reading & writing along with spending time with her family and her kitty! She also will throw anyone down in a mean game of tennis. She is always learning about different cultures and becoming a better, more informed citizen. Fun fact: Ana can speak multiple languages! How cool is that?

  • Taylor Palmer

Taylor Palmer


Taylor Palmer is a Web Marketing Intern here at VGM Forbin. She is also a student at the University of Northern Iowa majoring in Digital Media Production and minoring in Marketing. She is passionate about content creation and is very grateful to be learning so many new skills as part of the Forbin team. Taylor loves all things social media and promotion, which is why she says the time she spends at Forbin doesn’t feel like work at all. 

Taylor is a waitress on weekends and enjoys picking up shifts as a CNA for a nursing home when possible. Outside of school, work and her internship, Taylor enjoys hanging out with friends, going to coffee shops, watching The Bachelor on Monday nights and staying active at the gym. Her close-knit family members double as her best friends, so she loves spending time with them as much as possible. Taylor is so excited to continue learning and gaining more wonderful experience in her position here at Forbin!

  • Joshua Schneiderman

Joshua Schneiderman

  • Mark Wubbena

Mark Wubbena


Having a background in a smorgasbord of old-school art techniques and modern design and web applications, Mark brings both knowledge and varied experience to his work. A designer, drummer and daddy to his daughter, Mark has experience in working with drawing, painting, video post production, web and print design, video integration and Flash animation. In short, he knows a lot of useful stuff. While he loves design, Mark is infatuated with branding and helping companies develop a visually expressive exterior that reflects the interior values and inner workings of that company. Mark also takes his creativity and mind for design and applies it to his home, which he is usually renovating or remodeling in some way.

  • Cheyenne Newman

Cheyenne Newman


When it comes to unique branding projects, we turn to Cheyenne Newman. After providing a custom Rubix cube business card following a student visit, we knew Cheyenne would produce equally innovative work for our clients, and she quickly became Forbin’s design intern. Now a UX designer, Cheyenne is charged with a wide variety of responsibilities including serving both VGM Forbin’s marketing design needs as well as the design needs of our ongoing web marketing programs such as social media, search engine optimization and search engine marketing. She is truly motivated by her client work at VGM Forbin because it connects customers to products or services that improve their lives. Cheyenne graduated from the University of Northern Iowa with a bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design. When Cheyenne is not helping clients connect with their customers, she lives for weekends with her friends, family and dog Cooper as well as completing amazing crafting projects.

  • Courtney Ott

Courtney Ott

  • Justin Berning

Justin Berning

DIRECTOR OF PROGRAMMING Est. 2013 (319) 236-6913

Another team member in our multitude of UNI graduates, Justin specializes in PHP programming.  Having earned his BA in Management Information Systems, Justin uses his familiarity with various programming languages to create and maintain websites as well as support and lead the VGM Forbin development team.  Justin feels most accomplished when he's created an online solution that helps a client connect with their customer.  A sports lover, Justin stays active outside of work by trying to keep up with his young son, wife and pup.

  • Brett Schwickerath

Brett Schwickerath


It’s all in the details for VGM Forbin’s Brett Schwickerath. At Forbin, Brett uses his talents in UI development and UX design to make sure that the choices of our clients and our designers not only look great, but also function well in all situations. No matter the project, Brett is up for the challenge and is known for his passion for learning new things. While earning his bachelor’s degree in Digital Cinema Production at Wartburg College, Brett became fluent in just about every Adobe product and developed a passion for design. Brett is truly motivated by solving problems for our clients and by streamlining processes within website production. Outside of VGM Forbin, you’ll find Brett watching a wide variety of TV shows and movies, listening to music and playing video games so that he may express his greatest passion, sharing those experiences with others so that they may enjoy them as well. 

  • Josh Tanberg

Josh Tanberg


Having worked at other area web development companies, Josh brings many fresh, new ideas to our team to help us refine our production process. At the time he joined Forbin, Josh had a mix of real-world and in-classroom web development experience. His passionate approach to being on the cutting edge of web development and design trends means Josh is always an asset in idea generation meetings regardless of which type of project is being discussed. He is by no means your cookie cutter web developer: Josh loves old cars (he drives a 1950 Mercury), plays guitar and is an Army Infantry Veteran, having completed three tours with the 101st Airborne.

  • Jade Manning

Jade Manning


Jade Manning brings new ideas to the Forbin realm, as well as cute pictures of her fur babies. Graduating from Hawkeye Community College, Jade received a degree in Web Development and Programming. She also received a Business Administration degree from DMACC. So how did Jade make it here? She says, “I worked in retail before this so my past work decisions just made me realize I wanted something different. I started going to school for something I wasn’t sure I was going to like but ended up loving it.” She is great at solving problems, such as if something on a client’s site isn’t working properly, she’s the one to help fix it! She also works on getting sites to be web accessible. Jade loves to learn new things and apply those skills to her career. She is extremely valued here at Forbin and has a passion for photography, biking, video games, and taking care of her fur babies.

  • Justin Wheelock

Justin Wheelock

  • Austin Davis

Austin Davis

  • Jared Hughes

Jared Hughes

  • Steve Morley

Steve Morley

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