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“Don't Forget List” for Every Business During the Pandemic

We’re still here.

We’ve been here pre-COVID-19, during COVID-19 and eventually post-COVID-19 while also starting to live a little more normally, pre-Delta Variant, during the thick of Delta Variant and soon after. Do you see a theme?

This is knowingly a scary time during this pandemic, but what doesn’t have to be is your dedicated VGM Forbin team by your side. Here’s a helpful list to keep in mind.

“Don’t Forget List” for Every Business During the Pandemic:

  1. Up Your Communication
    This is so important for every business whether it’s the healthcare, financial or automobile industry. How are you communicating with your customers? Make sure any questions they have are being answered. Have you shared with your customers where they can access and locate all things pandemic related? Have you updated your customers on how your services have changed during the pandemic and any special processes currently in place? Do you have a mask requirement for your business? If so, do your customers know your updated mask protocols?

    You can never over communicate with your customers during a pandemic as long as it’s all accurate and updated information. Check updates daily from the CDC to ensure what you’re communicating is the latest and what you’re posting is the most up-to-date info.

  2. Update Your Google My Business Listing
    There’s nothing more frustrating for a customer than looking up a business online during this time, only to find that their information isn’t accurate. As you’re adjusting every day, be sure that new information is reflected on your Google My Business page.

    If you don’t have a Google My Business account, we can help. We can’t emphasize enough how important it is for your business to show up with accurate information in Google’s search results. This will help your customers find what they need with minimal stress, especially during a pandemic.

  3. Post Regularly to Social Media
    Social media is one of the easiest ways to communicate and provide helpful information for your business and community of followers. This can include your updated hours or after-hours phone number if you have one. Do you have a location that is closed? Post that! It can also boost morale for your community by highlighting your local heroes.

    Do you have a social media account but are too busy to post, or do you just need help with this strategy in general? We are here to help!

  4. Utilize Your Website
    Is your website updated with all your COVID-19 and Delta Variant updates and/or resources that you may have available? Do you have an alert banner to create the optimal level of importance? Do you have your updated hours displayed on the homepage of your website?

  5. Send Emails Frequently
    Your customers will appreciate hearing any updates in the form of an email. This email can include if you’ve changed your hours, closed a location, recently changed a mask policy and anything else that is pertinent. You can also highlight local heroes just like on social media, your team, deals, new products and more! Trust us, your customers will want to know.

Talk with Our Dedicated VGM Forbin Team

Do you need more web or IT support to accomplish the important factors mentioned above? Our top priority continues to be making sure your customers, your employees and our employees stay safe and healthy no matter which pandemic comes our way.

If you’re overwhelmed by all that comes with updating the technology within your business, you’re not alone. It’s impossible to be an expert in all areas of both your technology infrastructure and online experience. The most important thing you could do for your company right now is to find the right partners that are experts in these areas and can help you bring it all together. We’re committed to helping your business thrive with the right technology, marketing and web solutions!

You don’t have to navigate this alone. We're here for you - your technology, marketing and web partner to help you overcome these challenges.