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When it comes to helping customers pick out the right gifts for parents, grandparents and other aging loved ones, we understand the complications. You want to find something that is practical and useful, but also something they will enjoy. There are many home medical equipment products and supplies that you can promote to fit all of their wants and needs. This holiday season, were here to assist you by providing you with three tips to help you promote the right gift for each of your clients, no matter what their needs are.  

1. Find a Gift They Truly Need  

Although this may seem obvious, it can be quite difficult to know what they really needFirst, be sure to ask open-ended questions. Get to know your customer and who they are buying for. The more information you can gather about the individual that will use that item, the better. Be sure to know their mobility situation, where they are living, if they are living alone, who takes care of them and so onAll of these factors can help you point your customer in the right direction of what product to get. Some of the most popular products customers like to give during the holidays include:  

  • Lift Chairs   

  • Walkers 

  • Canes 

  • Scooters  

2. Find a Product that Suits Their Style  

When you are helping someone pick out a gift for their elderly parents or grandparents, try to get a feel for what they like or what style they are into. You can ask your customer what their loved one’s favorite color is, if they like to be more colorful and fun with their equipment or if they prefer more neutral colors. This comes into play when you are choosing products such as wheelchairs or lift chairs. Lift chairs come in a variety of colors, fabrics and features to choose from, so you can find something that suits their home décor that you know they will love. The same applies to wheelchairsthe customer’s loved one will feel more comfortable and happier with their new product if they also like the look of itWe want to make it a positive experience for them!  

3. Include Something Fun  

Remind customers to include something fun with their gift! While gifting items such as a wheelchair, lift chair or walker might be VERY useful for their loved one, they can always throw in a little something like their favorite snackcozy socks or even a scarf or hat. It doesn’t have to be anything big since they already have that big item covered, but something to make their loved one smile since that is what this season is all about.  

While this holiday season might feel different, it can still be the best time of the year! Understand that customers may have gone months without seeing their aging loved ones due to COVID-19, or maybe have even lost a loved one this yearCompassionate care and understanding are something we can all give a little extra of this holiday season. While this year is almost over, 2021 is just around the corner and we hope it will be better than ever! 


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