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Amping Up SEO Strategies for Your Financial Institution

Amping Up SEO Strategies for Your Financial Institution

Can customers find your bank website easily? With proper search engine optimization (SEO) marketing techniques, digital customers will be able to find your bank when they search on any search engine. When your customers search for your website on Google, they need to be able to find it easily. With proper SEO assistance, your bank can increase organic search traffic to your website and generate more customers which will lead to more business.

Amp Up Your SEO Strategies with These Tips:

Improve Your On-Site Speed while Optimizing Mobile Responsiveness

Run key pages of your website through Google’s site speed tool. How fast or slow is the website response time? Run your site on Google’s PageSpeed tool to find out. Customers will leave if the site is taking too long. Decrease your load time for both mobile and desktop speed. The estimated quality page speed for SEO is under three seconds.

Optimized On-Page SEO Strategies

On-page SEO is when you optimize the page name, URL, metadata, headings, and page content of a specific web page to rank higher and earn more relevant traffic in search engines. When you implement best practices for on-page SEO, you are more likely to be found online by a digital audience that is likely to utilize your virtual branch. Your marketing team will need to ensure that what you are producing is compelling content that’s infused with focused keywords on your pages. Make sure the search engines understand your optimized content. The same goes for optimizing your images—sometimes this strategy is overlooked, which is also an important tip. When creating and updating your metadata, ensure that it is crawlable for search engines.

Our other tips include making buttons on your website prominent, writing strong calls to action and making key pages easy to find in your site’s main navigation. Is there anything too congested? Implementing an effective and clear call to action will help aid in your SEO tactics. Always refresh your content to improve your keywords.

Also, ensure you are tracking your metrics in Google Analytics so you can see directly how much your SEO is improving or you might need more assistance.

VGM Forbin Can Help Enhance Your Bank’s SEO Strategy

If you’re looking for a dedicated team to help with your SEO, we can help! Contact us today to chat with an SEO expert.