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Social Media for a Wheelchair Ramp Manufacturer

Social Media for a Wheelchair Ramp Manufacturer

As a full-service website development, IT and marketing company, we take a wholistic approach to digital marketing. We often begin by developing a mobile-first, user friendly website designed to accomplish the client’s business goals, like contacting a sales rep, for example. Then we work on marketing tactics to bring the target audience to the website. We have a longstanding relationship with a wheelchair ramp manufacturer in the US who has seen great success with this comprehensive approach. Part One of this case study series will dive into our top of the funnel strategy for familiarizing new potential customers to our client’s brand and bringing them to the website. For the sake of this case study, we’ll call them “WRM.”


WRM had previously reached out to Forbin to create two Facebook pages for two different business verticals: residential ramps and commercial ramps. After about one year of the Forbin team running the commercial Facebook page, we were presented with the new challenge: WRM wanted to sell more commercial ramps and our marketing efforts needed to support the new goal. This involved increasing brand awareness on social media to attract new potential customers who might not be familiar with the WRM brand already. Then, we needed to build trust with this audience to increase engagement on social media and lead them to the website.


To support this effort of growing commercial reach and engagement, we ramped up the social media strategy to include:

  • Case study videos
  • Instructional mini-series
  • Sharing valuable educational content
  • Increased Facebook advertising


Using the tactics above, we saw significant year over year growth. Intense collaboration with WRC, on-site content optimization, and search engine marketing combined with this social strategy, led to the best sales in WRC history. The data below shows growth from Forbin’s first year of creating the Facebook page to the second year in which we executed the new strategy.

Year over Year Growth:

  • Average engagements per post increased by 58%
  • Page likes increased by 117%
  • Traffic to website from Facebook increased by 127%

Reach out to collaborate with us on your social media efforts.