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Does Your Current Website Get the Job Done or is itJust Good Enough?

Ensure Strong Internet Presence

Does anyone remember when simply having a website used to be enough? That is not the case anymore, as discussed in a previous blog post earlier about your digital destiny. Your website needs to be user-friendly, mobile-friendly, accessible, optimized for search, updated very regularly and state what your company does as crystal clear as you possibly can. Your website is your storefront. It is your story. It is what your customers will visit, and either decide to stay or go within fractions of a second.

Your website can host information about what to expect in the customer experience and offer resources they can’t get anywhere else (or must search forever to find). It also needs to have continually updated, correct information such as hours, services, products and any necessary forms or documents.

If you do not already utilize free tools from Google My Business, now is the time to start. From an investment perspective, Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools such as chat bots and online customer experience tools like reviews can all work to give your company a robust internet presence. These investments will also help your company stand out from the competition and rank higher on Google Maps and search engine results pages.

Website Security and Upgrading Platform Versions

Did you know, a site even 3 years old with the best security at that time still needs to be upgraded to keep your business, customers and its employees safe?

New website platform versions are created for better user experience, functionality and security. If your business goes too long without updating their website, there could be major consequences that may be too hard to recover from. Here’s a few issues you could face with an outdated website.

  • Vulnerable to System Failure

  • Increased Spam in Your Form Submissions

  • Inability to Fight Cyber-attacks

Website Compliance

You also need to maintain a website that meets several different sets of compliance guidelines. This is why VGM Forbin created website compliance packages for all websites we create. Whether you’re in the healthcare industry, financial industry or automobile industry, we’re here as a resource and a strategic partner.

Talk to our team about updating your website to meet these privacy and accessibility standards. We work with you to stay compliant with your industry.

Does Your Current Website Get the Job Done?

Ask your customers this one question.

If your current website doesn’t get the job done, talk to our IT, web and marketing team. VGM Forbin is not only dedicated to developing beautiful, easy-to-use websites, we also work to build websites that are secure, accessible and exceed industry standards.

Written by: Lindy Tentinger - President of VGM Forbin