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IT Case Study for East Coast HME

IT Case Study for East Coast HME

At VGM Forbin, we specialize in helping our customers in their time of greatest need, whether it’s helping clients create a new website, creating an online marketing campaign for a new product, or helping clients with managed IT solutions. So, when one of our VGM members, who we will call East Coast HME, came to us requesting IT assistance, our team was quick to jump into action.

What East Coast HME Needed

East Coast HME’s internal IT professional was leaving, and they needed to maintain IT support while updating technology across their organization. It would have been impossible to replace all those duties with a single person. They knew they needed to hire at least two IT professionals OR partner with an IT provider to cover their growing needs.

East Coast HME already worked with Forbin for website development as well as web marketing services, so they reached out to learn more about our Managed IT services.

As a division of VGM, the Forbin team are experts in the HME industry and our IT team is no exception. The IT team was able to adjust our current Managed IT Services packages and tailor them specifically for healthcare provides. Our Managed IT Service for HME businesses provides

  • Hardware and setup

  • Software to streamline IT processes

  • Security to maintain HIPAA compliance

  • 24/7 remote support at an affordable monthly rate

This service allows Forbin to partner with an HME business’s on-staff IT professionals to support their growing needs or to serve as the on-staff IT support.

Forbin’s Approach with East Coast HME

No business has the same IT needs. Some simply need new computers, while others need software to keep their employees connected. But each Forbin partnership begins the same way – a discussion with the client outlining their goals and needs. Based on Forbin’s discussion with East Coast HME, they were able to outline a strategy that not only reduced their IT vulnerabilities and improved efficiency but saved the business thousands of dollars through one of Forbin’s comprehensive Managed IT Services packages.

How Managed IT Services Have Impacted East Coast HME

Forbin’s Managed IT Service plan with East Coast HME consisted of a multi-prong strategy. Below is a list of services we’re implementing for the company and their benefits.



Immediately implementing a disaster recovery plan

Assist with residual impact of necessary COVID-19 changes

Migrating all 75+ employees of East Coast HME to Microsoft 365

Prior to this, East Coast HME’s email was hosted on a local server, which was prone to failure and the need for constant maintenance and monitoring. This move eliminated the server, creating a cost savings while also streamlining communication between employees via Microsoft 365 chat features.

Replacing 5 servers and eliminating 3 others

Consolidating servers and replacing them with new equipment allows East Coast HME to do more while reducing their digital footprint. This action saved the company $3,000 in licensing fees, and $5,000 in total upfront costs. Installing new servers also reduces maintenance costs that would otherwise be spent servicing out-of-date servers and allows Forbin’s IT team to be more proactive rather than reactive in service.

Replacing more than 60 older computers with new hardware and new operating systems.

Not only does this reduce maintenance costs but improves the technology. Now, employees will be working with faster machines with the latest security software to ensure East Coast HME’s business and patient information is protected.

What's Next for East Coast HME

Implementing this to complete all the upgrades for East Coast HME will take several months. Throughout that time, Forbin will be in constant communication and providing IT help desk support to East Coast HME whenever necessary. Since the entire Forbin IT team is at their disposal, East Coast HME doesn’t need to worry about halted support from vacations or sickness. Lastly, East Coast HME will have peace of mind knowing that the Forbin IT team is always up to date on the latest IT education and trends for the HME industry.

If you’d like to learn more about how VGM Forbin can provide managed IT services for your company that will improve efficiency and security while reducing your costs, please complete the form below to contact one of our account executives.