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SimpleWeb Websites for Women's Health Providers

SimpleWeb Websites for Women's Health Providers

VGM Forbin has been helping HME providers market their products and services for over two decades. So, we understand the nuances of your customers’ needs and yours.  In our latest product release, we have partnered with Essentially Women, a fellow VGM division, to provide an affordable website solution that caters to the goals of women’s health providers. 

Introducing SimpleWeb 

Essentially Women Edition!

SimpleWeb is a website for your business that gives your customers a place to explore your services 24/7 with a platform that's easy to maintain as the business evolves. Every website comes with 3 pages and 3 enhancements designed to engage customers. We’ll go more into details on the enhancements below. 

Each page has content written by UX (user experience) writers to showcase your business's competitive advantages and site design customized by UX designers for a clean, mobile-friendly look. Your team will also have the ability to create additional pages via our proprietary VPanel CMS (content management system), which we will train your staff on how to use. 

Most of all, SimpleWeb is: 

  • Affordable 
  • Designed to be mobile-friendly 
  • HIPAA-compliant 
  • Easy to edit 
  • Optimized for search engines 
  • Easy to make appointment requests 

Website Enhancements 

You might be wondering, what exactly is a website enhancement? That’s a great question! An enhancement is a unique module component of a website that is designed to streamline business processes.  

Our three standard enhancements included in the SimpleWeb - Essentially Women Edition: 

1) Sliding Marketing Message 

This enhancement is a great way to market different specials and sales you have going on or to simply highlight any services you offer. The marketing messages are rotating images that have text and buttons displayed so a user can go directly to the page you are highlighting.  

2) Appointment Request Form 

Most women’s health providers rely on booking private appointments with certified fitters and specialists to maintain comfort and confidence. That’s why we make it easy for clients to request an appointment online with our form that notifies you when an appointment request has been submitted. It allows the customer to select dates that work best for them. This allows you to contact them to set up a time that works best for you as well.  

3) Quick Contact Form 

The quick contact form is a great way to let women reach out who aren’t ready to schedule an appointment. This form can easily be added to any page and also notifies you when the someone has filled it out. 

Optional Add-on Enhancements:

  • Product Catalog 
  • Breast Pump Form 
  • Blog 
  • Document Library 
  • Locations 

This affordable website solution comes with the three standard enhancements mentioned above, but the additional enhancements can be added to any project as well with an additional quote. 

3 Compelling Website Layouts 

Our experts UX designers developed these three layouts made specifically for women’s health providers. Each layout is designed for a clean, modern look that compels individuals to schedule an appointment or contact a provider. The layout you choose will then be adapted to fit your brand’s logo and colors throughout the website. 

Image of three website layouts for women's health providers

The Website Development Process 

VGM Forbin has an extremely simple process when it comes to building our SimpleWeb websites – and our team of experts is there with you ever step of the way...  

  1. Choose a layout and fill out our content questionnaire 
  2. Content is then written based on the information provided 
  3. Using the layout chosen, the design is customized with your branding and colors 
  4. You will then review the completed website and provide feedback 
  5. Our team will make any necessary adjustments 
  6. Your website is launched after your approval! 

If you’re interested in SimpleWeb, reach out to us today and we can answer any questions you may have or get a quote started!

VGM Forbin has been helping HME providers market their products and services for over two decades. So, we understand the nuances of your customers’ needs and yours.  In our latest product release, we have partnered...