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Spring Cleaning Checklist for Your Website

Spring Cleaning Checklist for Your Website

The first official day of spring is March 20, and now that it’s finally here, it should help serve as a reminder to freshen up your website. Your website is the place where your customers need to go – it’s your online home! Let’s make sure that “home” is clean and tidied up. Let VGM Forbin help keep your website up to your brand’s standards.

Frequency. How often do you tidy up your website? If you haven’t ever or it’s been a long time, it should be done more often - there may be some fine tuning that requires updates more frequently. Let’s clean out those cobwebs that have formed throughout this past year with the following tips.

Here’s a spring cleaning checklist for your website:

  1. Refresh your content and marketing messages.
    Put your content at the center of your marketing strategy. A clear call to action on your website is vital to help your business get the quality conversions you need to be successful.

    Does your navigation page need to be reorganized? Is there content that was more critical a year ago to have front and center and it isn’t as relevant as it once was?

    Give your customers a fresh look and feel with new graphics that can freshen up and liven up your online presence.

    Add more relevant keywords on your website that make sense for your business. Adding keywords can help search engines understand what your company is all about and, at the same time, will help your business grow by bringing you more qualified leads.

  2. Fix those links, we repeat, fix those broken links.
    How frustrating for a customer to come across broken links during their customer journey. Your customers decide to stay or leave in less than a second when landing on your site, so let’s not give them a reason to leave - broken links being one of them.

    Test forms to see if all fields are working correctly, make sure you receive automated responses like your customer should be getting and create redirects for any pages that no longer exist.

  3. Your content needs to have updated information.
    If you have past products and services that are no longer available, do not showcase them on your website. Get them off. Update your outdated services and put the latest and greatest of your products on your site so they can shine.

    Is your Meet the Team page including all accurate information? Remove employees that no longer work at the company. Do you have new hires or interns that should be added? Are their titles accurate? Any new promotions?

    What about the Locations page - do you have any new locations that need to be highlighted or is there an incorrect phone number or address listed? Have your hours changed for your location recently because of staffing issues?

    Have your goals realigned, and your business offers different services that need to be added or removed? Do you have pricing listed for your services that needs to be changed? If so, make sure it’s the correct pricing.

    Let’s refresh those outdated testimonials. Your customers love reading reviews and testimonials, but we need to keep them refreshed and updated as time goes on.

    What about events? This should be timely.

If you need help with the spring-cleaning aspect of your website or would be interested in a brand-new website, talk to our IT, web and marketing team. VGM Forbin is not only dedicated to developing beautiful, easy-to-use websites, we also work to build websites that are secure, accessible and exceed industry standards. Contact VGM Forbin today!