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When Did You Last Perform a HIPAA Technology? Risk? Assessment?

When did you?last perform a HIPAA Technology?Risk?Assessment

Based on?the findings released by the?Office of Civil Rights (OCR)?in?December 2020?showing over 80%?failure in risk analysis and risk?management, many experts predict?HIPAA?Audits?will be?occurring at an increased frequency?with heightened focus on risk assessments.

Is Your Business Prepared?

When did you last perform a HIPAA Technology Assessment? Did it include all key areas of technology in your business? And, if so, can you prove it??Below we will discuss how we can help. Hint: It includes a FREE consultation!

Did it Include?These?Key Areas?

  • Firewall?

  • Switches?

  • Servers?

  • Workstations?

  • Mobile Devices?

  • Phone Systems?

  • Email Systems?

And, if so,?is Current Documentation Available for This?

In the event of an audit,?is all documentation available and updated?

  • Email Password Resets

  • Hardware Changes

  • Date Encryption

  • Encrypted email

In the event of a?HIPAA?audit,?it’s?also?highly?recommended to have a third party?conduct?your HIPAA Technology Risk Assessment.?This is where your expert IT partners at VGM Forbin?come in.

Here is How We Can Help:

Step 1:?VGM Forbin?provides a FREE consultation &?sample documents?you’ll need for your assessment.

Step 2:?If determined that you need it, VGM Forbin?can conduct?your complete?Technology Risk Assessment.

Step 3:? We will then provide your Risk Score, All Findings and Supporting Documentation?including an updated Policies and Procedures Manual.

Step 4: Finally, if you need our help, we can assist you with remediation.

Contact us to learn more on how we can prepare you for the upcoming HIPAA Audits?or?schedule your?FREE?consultation!