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Why an Outdated Website is a Security Risk

Why an Outdated Website is a Security Risk

Have you ever noticed that your phone or laptop gets slower and harder to use if you haven’t updated it in a while? Then, once your device is updated it’s not only back to normal, but it’s usually better! The updates help maintain your device functionality and security. The concept is very similar when updating a website platform, however, it’s not as simple as downloading the new version.

New platform versions are created for better user experience, functionality and security. But it’s understandable if a company doesn’t want to pay for a website update every time a new version is released. However, if your business goes too long without updating their website, there could be major consequences. Take a look at some issues you could face with an outdated website:

Increased Spam in Your Form Submissions

A very common way for cybercriminals to attack is through your website form submissions. You’ll see a form submission come through that appears to be urgent, and ask you to reply to an email, click on a link, etc. Most times, these submissions are intended to breach your website’s firewall and gather personal health information (PHI) or any information in general that can be used to target your customers. While you can’t block all spam attempts, you can decrease the attempts significantly with updated secure, like reCaptcha, for example. If you’re having trouble determining if your form submissions are spam, read this article from our customer care team: How to Spot Scams in Website Form Submissions.

Inability to Fight Sophisticated Cyberattacks

Unfortunately, cybercriminals don’t just give up if they aren’t successful in exploiting vulnerabilities. They take what they learn and create more sophisticated ways to attack your business. Just as new technology is always developing, so is a cybercriminal’s ability to hack into your site and obtain customer information. Updating to the newest version of your website with the latest security updates is the best way to fight cyberattacks.

Vulnerable to System Failure

Website updates often include permanent fixes to functionality flaws, because technology constantly needs to be updated as system and human errors occur. While your web provider may allow you to request manual updates if something breaks on your website, the best and most pro-active options is to update your website. If your site isn’t updated, it’s more susceptible to system failure which leads to vulnerabilities on the back end of your site as well as functionality issues that prohibit customers from using your website.

How VGM Forbin Can Help

If you are a current VGM Forbin client, you can always reach out to your account representative and we can have your new website project started very soon! If you’re looking to switch web providers for an updated website experience, our team of experts is more than happy to help you achieve your business goals with a well-designed and secure website. In either case, reach out to us with the form below to get started!