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Why Security Should Be a Priority in 2023

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With more businesses moving their operations online and relying heavily on technology, the potential impact of a security breach is greater than ever before. Make 2023 the year. The year to invest in security. The year to decrease your threat of cyberattacks. The year to invest in yourself. Do you see a theme? When your business is looking over its security and preventive measures, do you have any issues where you need support?

We’ll explain why secure Microsoft Azure hosting, Multi-Factor Authentication, Disaster Recovery, and other security best practices should all be considered a priority in 2023.

  1. IT Compliance

    We can be your helping hand when it comes to ensuring your infrastructure, processes and employees are in line with compliance standards.

  2. Secure Azure Hosting

    We have recently shared that VGM Forbin will be offering a new hosting environment for our customers that will drastically improve your site’s security, availability and performance.

    Azure will shift our infrastructure to Containers. The biggest benefit will be our ability to host each customer in a POD. Each POD will run an individual website, and those PODS are unable to communicate with each other. This drastically reduces security risks from jumping from one customer to another.

    With Azure, we can customize additional security services on a per-customer basis. This allows us to be more agile and flexible with our customers ever growing compliance and regulatory needs.

  3. Disaster Recovery Plan

    They say that you can’t plan for a disaster, but we say you can. The best plan is to have a proactive plan. With our IT team, you won’t have to worry about downtime, losing records or a negative impact on your bottom line when trouble comes your way.

  4. Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

    At VGM Forbin, we have two-factor authentication enabled for many of the ways we encounter Personally Identifiable Information (PII) or Personal Health Information (PHI). MFA provides an extra layer of security by making a user verify their identity before they can log into your CMS (Content Management System). We recommend our clients use Duo Two-Factor Authentication. This is an application that can easily integrate into your systems and is focused on user experience. While these small additional steps can slow us down by a few seconds, it has made it possible for us to securely work with the data we need from virtually anywhere.

  5. Managed IT Services

    Save money by partnering with our experienced IT team. From website security and compliance to regular maintenance, working with our IT experts is more affordable than hiring a new member of your team. We protect, maintain and repair your technology systems.

  6. Improve Your Remote Work Experience with Microsoft 365 Suite

    The Microsoft 365 Suite is a great solution for businesses looking to go remote or improve their existing remote work experience for their employees. While using Microsoft 365, you can streamline business activities, keep customer data protected and prevent cybersecurity attacks. You really cannot find a better solution all in one place.

  7. Website Development and Compliance

    VGM Forbin builds websites that are secure, accessible and exceed industry standards. To ensure that you’re looking out for your business and your customers, make sure you’re on a platform that can meet necessary industry compliance but can also meet WCAG, GDPR and CCPA, if applicable. Does your website meet several different sets of compliance guidelines? If not, your business could be at risk of being sued.

Talk with Our Dedicated VGM Forbin Team About Your Security Needs

If you’re overwhelmed, you’re not alone and you do not have to navigate through this alone. As a trusted partner, are there any services or solutions that our team can help alleviate off your plate? To set your business up for a winning combination of success, contact VGM Forbin if you would like to further explore your options.