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Basic SEO Strategies for Banks

Basic SEO Strategies For Banks

Banks are always looking for better ways to serve their customers at their offices. But do you do the same for your digital customers? Your bank’s website serves as a digital branch for your customers, and you can’t serve your digital customers if they can’t find your bank. But with proper search engine optimization techniques, digital customers will be able to find your bank when they do a search on any search engine. Utilize these basic SEO tips to gain more organic search traffic to your website and generate more business for your bank.

Focus On Site Speed

More searches are done on mobile devices than ever before. One of the most frustrating things mobile users encounter is a website that loads slowly and takes a long time to become interactive. Search engines are always focused on serving the needs of their users. As mobile searches continue to become a larger part of total searches, mobile site speed has become one of the most important ranking factors for search engines. Run key pages of your website through Google’s site speed tool. You can run individual pages through this tool and the page will be scored on a 0-100 scale. If there is work to be done to improve site speed, this tool will also give you a list of ways to make your site faster.

On-Page SEO Strategies

The best way to appear highly on a list of search results is to write compelling content infused with focused keywords on your pages. Build each page around a few focused keywords and work those keywords into:

  • Page headers

  • Body copy

  • Page titles

  • Calls to action

Those focused keywords should also be included in your metadata for the page. This metadata is crawled by search engines to help deliver relevant results to users, along with on-page content. Make sure those keywords appear in the meta title and meta description for the page.

Cut Down On Clicks

This is both an SEO strategy and a user-experience strategy. The goal of your site should be to connect with potential customers and give them an easy path to contact your bank. Whether you want your customers to fill out a contact form, call your office or complete an online application, you need to guide them to those outlets in as few clicks as possible. Make buttons prominent, write strong calls to action and make sure key pages are easy to find in your site’s main navigation.

VGM Forbin can help you with improving SEO efforts for your bank. Fill out the contact form to connect with one of our account executives.