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How to be Engaging Online

How to be Engaging Online

As a business, you’re always looking for new ways to enhance your presence and engage others online. At VGM Forbin, we understand that it can be difficult keeping up with all of the different platforms and things you can be doing. That’s why we wanted to offer some basics on how your business can be engaging online to customers and potential customers to come!

Up Your Social Media Game

Don’t just post about your products. Let people see the human side of your business by sharing other types of content such as employee anniversaries or birthdays. You can post their picture and wish them a great day while also showing an image of them with a birthday cake or cookies if you gave them a treat. You can also post about new hires congratulating them on the new position. All this content is more likely to be shared which means others who don’t follow your page will see it.

Volunteering and any events you are having are also great to post about! Share photos of your business’s latest great deed and talk about upcoming events you’re holding to give updates. Feel free to share top tips as well regarding the industry your business is in. This content combined with the product posts makes your page more engaging for people to want to follow.

Utilize the Best Platform for You

There are so many platforms out there, but which one should you choose, or do you use them all? First off, we don’t want you to try to use all the platforms right away because that is a lot to maintain. Unless you have a dedicated social media person or a company like VGM Forbin who creates social content for you, it’s best to start with one platform. Here’s some basics on the platforms, so you know which one to choose:

  • Facebook: This is great for all businesses and is a good starter platform. You can share all types of content and boost posts for cheap to get more reach.

  • Instagram: Instagram is good if you have lots of photo content. If you’re not the best at capturing moments and having photos to share about the business and products, then this wouldn’t be a top choice for you.

  • LinkedIn: This is for more business-related posts. It’s a great second option to expand your social media game.

  • Twitter: You can do all types of posts but choose this platform last because you must tweet a lot to stay relevant. Not many businesses can stay on top of tweeting every day.

Gain More Reviews

It’s important to have your listing on Google updated with the correct information, as well as Apple Maps and other platforms. Then, once you have the correct info for each location listed, you’ll want to get more reviews on sites like Google and Facebook. The more reviews you get, the better you look to Google’s algorithm which means you’ll be shown more over time when people are searching. It’s also important to their algorithm that you respond to each review you get, so make sure you have access to each Google listing and your Facebook page. If you need help gaining more reviews or claiming and updating your listings, we offer Reputation Management services to help!

Optimize Your Site

User-friendly sites help current and potential customers engage on your site which leads to a higher chance of a conversion (sale, phone call, contact form filled out, etc.) Make sure your site has good information on each page and add buttons with a call to action to lead people to do what you’d like them to do. This could be a Contact Us or Apply Now button.

It’s also important to update your metadata on each page. Metadata is content that Google uses to display your page in search results based on someone’s keyword search. The metadata consists of keywords, a title and page description. We offer SEO packages to help enhance your site, so you can show up higher organically in Google search results. If you have a site with VGM Forbin, we’re also happy to remind you where metadata is on your page so you can update it.

Run Some Ads

If you want to be seen quicker on Google search results, you could run Google ads. This is called Search Engine Marketing and helps customers find you faster. You bid on keywords related to your business that people are searching for, which means you pay to be placed in front of people in certain areas you choose for those keywords. There are also ways to runs ads on Facebook so more people can see your product and engage with the company. Running ads helps you be seen by others that don’t follow your page or know of your business.

We hope this blog offers a few ways you can be more engaging online and enhance your business! If you need any help with social content, reviews, Google ads or optimizing your site, we’re here to help with online marketing services.

As a business, you’re always looking for new ways to enhance your presence and engage others online. At VGM Forbin, we understand that it can be difficult keeping up with all of the different platforms and things you can be doing. That’s why...