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Archive: January 2022

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Customer Database Is King

The past two years accelerated and forever changed the digital world across the board. Both customers and employees are demanding more: seamless omni-channel experiences, convenience, reassurance and commitment to environmental, social and governance (ESG) values. For marketers, there is now more than ever a chance for a blank slate. Many companies...

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Lindy Tentinger

What You Can Learn from the Large Midwest Grocery Chain ADA Settlement
What You Can Learn from the Large Midwest Grocery Chain ADA Compliance Settlement

With the holiday rush going on, it’s possible you missed that a Midwest-based grocery store chain headquartered in Iowa reached a settlement with the U.S. Government to fix issues with its website that were found not to meet standards set by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Specifically, the COVID-19 vaccine registration on their website...

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Monthly Breach Deets - Broward Health Data Breach

A hacker gained access to the Broward Health network through a third-party medical provider that had access to their system for providing healthcare services. According to HIPAA Journal, a total of 1.35 million patients in Florida had been compromised. This cost Broward Health an estimated $12,739,250 in operational downtime, legal action, loss of...

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Jamie Swart, ransomware

Continuously Looking for Ways to Move Projects Forward: Bailey Ronnebaum
Continuously Looking for Ways to Move Projects Forward: Bailey Ronnebaum

VGM Forbin was very honored and excited to announce that Bailey Ronnebaum is the VGM Forbin Employee Spotlight for the month of November 2021! Bailey stepped up in big ways in 2021 to not only complete her marketing role, but also help out in the Western sales territory to make sure our customers and prospects are taken care of. Each day,...

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Employee Spotlight

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Striking SEM Success for a Credit Union

When you’re a marketing strategist at VGM Forbin, an important component of your job in the SEM space when working with clients is to help them own the moments that matter. Find out how we successfully did just this through continued success for a credit union. Our team had been working with a community credit union that began in August...

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Joshua Schneiderman

Boost Your HME With a Blog
Boost Your HME with a Blog

If you knew 80% of internet users interact with both social media and blogs, would you consider a blog? You might wonder, why do I need a blog? First, businesses with blogs produce, on average, 67% more leads monthly than those without blogs. In fact, businesses that utilize blogs on their page get 55% more website visitors than businesses that...

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Jamie Swart