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Archive: February 2023

Developing Effective Content Strategy: Al Strain
Developing Effective Content Strategy: Al Strain

We are thrilled to share that Al Strain has been recognized as the VGM Forbin Employee Spotlight winner for January 2023 by our president, Lindy Tentinger. Al is an exceptional team player and leader at VGM Forbin, where he serves as our Senior Web Marketer and also contributes significantly to our SEO (Search Engine Optimization) program....

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monthly breach deets image
Monthly Breach Deets - Highmark Health Data Breach

This month for our Monthly Breach Deets, we will highlight a phishing attack that posed as a trusted company to deceive an individual. Highmark Health experienced a phishing attack when an employee clicked the link in an unverified email. The employee then proceeded to share their credentials. This data breach occurred on December 13,...

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IT Services

finger pointing to the lock on the screen
Why Security Should Be a Priority in 2023

With more businesses moving their operations online and relying heavily on technology, the potential impact of a security breach is greater than ever before. Make 2023 the year. The year to invest in security. The year to decrease your threat of cyberattacks. The year to invest in yourself. Do you see a theme? When your business is looking over its...

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Confusing Regulation Compliance Made Simple

You have noticed, but you may not have known how to respond. The landscape around online privacy is changing. For decades, we in business have operated with the assumption that data consent was a default. Users are welcome to browse our online resources, and in exchange, we will track them. The ubiquity of the internet and the degree to which everyone’s...

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Wendy Frost: Forbin Employee Spotlight
A Passion for People: Wendy Frost

We are extremely excited to announce that Wendy Frost was selected as the VGM Forbin Employee Spotlight winner for December 2022. Where shall we start? Wendy is a great leader, extremely knowledgeable in all things VGM Forbin and kind to every person she encounters, which helps her do her job effectively. As an Account Executive, Wendy...

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