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HME Walker Being Used to Walk through a Living Room.

What is HME? HME is short for Home Medical Equipment. Home medical equipment items are largely used in private homes or care facilities to aid people in their day-to-day lives. Some help overcome health challenges, some aid in healing, others are just meant to facilitate an aspect of healthy living. HME Definition Home Medical Equipment (DME):...

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definitions, HME, medical equipment

DME Hospital Bed with a Smiling Female Patient

What is DME? DME, an abbreviation for Durable Medical Equipment, is substantial equipment that aids in a person's health, safety, accessibility or mobility. Unlike disposable medical supplies, DME products are meant to last for years and to be good for multiple uses. DME can be used inside a person's home, in a hospital or clinical setting,...

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definitions, dme, medical equipment