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MARKETING CAMPAIGN SERIES Installment 2: What's Your Strategy?
Build a Winning Campaign Strategy

This is Part 2 of our 4-part series looking at four stages of running a marketing campaign as a financial marketer. It picks up at the end of the previous, so you will want to read Part 1: Start with Profitability. Picking Up Where We Left Off In our first piece of this series, we hit on profitability and the role marketing plays in it....

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MARKETING CAMPAIGN SERIES Installment 1: Start with Profitability
Start with Profitability

"How do you run a marketing campaign? Where do you start? How do you measure ROI?" Our financial clients ask us these types of questions a lot. So we thought we'd put together a multi-post series about running a campaign from start to finish. This is meant to be a framework to give you a process to lean on. The first post in the series focuses...

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