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The Best Blog Tactics to Inspire Your Business

A blog serves a vital role in your online marketing campaign. Having a blog and writing about topics that are relevant to your audience helps establish your business as the subject matter expert. How do you create blogs to inspire and generate more customers for your business? Google defines the word inspire to fill someone with the urge or ability...

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A Journal and Pen, a Laptop, and a Mobile Phone Illustrate the Evolution of Blogs from Online Journal to Pre-Formatted, More Casual Site Content.
What is a Blog?

You may have been told you need a blog. If so, you've likely thought the following: I don't have time to write a blog? Who would read what I would write in a blog? There are already more than enough blogs out there? At VGM Forbin, we understand all of that. Another boring blog that doesn't get seen is a waste of your time...

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The Sweetest Link Between You and Your Customers: Your Website
The Sweetest Link Between You and Your Customers: Your Website

Sweethearts, roses, handmade cards and candy galore - Valentine’s Day is a pretty big deal at VGM Forbin. In celebration of this lovely holiday, we thought our gift to you would be to share some insight into something that makes our heart skip a beat - a beautiful website. Take these tips to make your website a sweet Valentine’s gift to...

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