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Tag: search engine optimization

Smiling Woman Scrolls an SERP Search Engine Results Page on Her Phone
SERP. What is a SERP in Google Searches or Bing Searches?

What is a SERP? What does SERP Stand for? What does SERP mean? SERP is an acronym that refers to a Search Engine Results Page. This is the page of results you get when you conduct a Google search or a search on Bing, Baidu, Yahoo, Duck Duck Go, YouTube, or even on Facebook. What does a SERP do? The SERP contains the answers to your...

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Connected Hands of Silhouettes Like Backlinks Connecting Websites
Backlinks - What are They and Why are They Important?

What are Backlinks? Backlinks are links from other sites to your site. Those links back to your site are an SEO ranking factor because they show how your site is connected and possibly even well-regarded by others.  How Do You Get Backlinks? Getting other sites to link to your own site can occur in a number of ways: You create or...

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backlinks, search engine optimization, SEO, SEO strategies