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Category: Multi-Factor Authentication

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Why Security Should Be a Priority in 2023

With more businesses moving their operations online and relying heavily on technology, the potential impact of a security breach is greater than ever before. Make 2023 the year. The year to invest in security. The year to decrease your threat of cyberattacks. The year to invest in yourself. Do you see a theme? When your business is looking over its...

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Why Your Bank Needs Multi-Factor Authorization
Why Your Bank Needs Multi-Factor Authorization

At VGM Forbin, we pride ourselves on being adaptable to our clients’ ever-changing needs. This is especially true for our security clients that face their own unique sets of legal and compliance requirements. As a financial institution, security is one of your top priorities, whether that’s the security of your brick-and-mortar branch...

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multi-factor authentication

Multi-Factor Authentication Image Showing a Tablet and a Phone
What is Multi-Factor Authentication?

  What Exactly is MFA? What are Different Types of MFA? Why is MFA Important? What are Examples of MFA? Should You Implement MFA? What is Multi-Factor Authentication  When you sign into an account, you are authenticating that you are who you claim to be. Checking your email, accessing your bank account, checking...

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